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Frithjof Schuon, visage féminin, indienne

Too often it is thought that woman is capable of objectivity and thus of disinterested logic only at the expense of her femininity, (1) which is radically false; woman has to realize, not specifically masculine traits of course, but the normatively and primordially human qualities, which are obligatory for every human being; and this is independent of feminine psychology as such(2).[To Have a Center, page 7].

(1) The feminists themselves -- of both sexes -- are convinced of this, at least implicitly and in practice, otherwise they would not aspire to the virilization of woman.[To Have a Center, page 7, note 7].


(2) Legitimate feminine psychology results from the principal prototype of woman -- from the universal Substance -- as well as from the biological, moral and social functions which she personifies; and this implies the right to limitations, to weaknesses, if ones wishes, but not to faults. The human being is one thing, and the male is another; and it is a great pity that the two things have often been confused even in languages which -- like Greek, Latin and German -- make this distinction... [To Have a Center, page 7, note 8].

Feminism, far from being able to confer on woman 'rights' that are non-existent because contrary to the nature of things, can only remove from her her specific dignity; it is the abolition of the eternal-feminine, of the glory that woman derives from her celestial prototype. After all, the revolt of one sex against the other, like the cult of youth or the contempt of intelligence, is indirectly a revolt against God. [Gnosis, Divine Wisdom, page 54].

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