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The Poet

Frithjof Schuon
Copyright© 2005 Frithjof Schuon

All rights reserved


A finite image of Infinity:
This is the nature of all poetry.
all human work to its last limit tends;
Its archetype in Heaven never ends.

What is the sense of Beauty and of Art?
To show the way into our inmost Heart.

The singing of a bird came from the sky;
The world had been a dream; the song was I.

Frithjof Schuon, The Garland, 1994



The Sovereign Good is real, the world is dream;
The dream-world has its roots in the Supreme,
Who casts His image in the endless sea
Of things that may be or may not be.

The fabric of the Universe is made
Of rays and circles, or of light and shade;
It veils from us the Power's burning Face
And unveils Beauty and Its saving Grace.



They think the world is blooming, while the heart
Renouncing it for God is poor and dark;
In this abyss, they say, thou wilt not find
The golden Paradise thou hast in mind;
They see not that the mystery of night
Means Layla dancing in a globe of light.

Thy deepest heart contains the holy shrine,
The naked goddess and the cup of wine.



O men of little faith, do not forget
What prophets, saints and pious men have said:
Remember God, God will remember you.
A better thing on earth we cannot do.

Albeit low, we should not be ashamed;
God wanted us; He needed to be named.



"In Beauty is the splendor of the True":
If Truth we know, we will know Beauty too.
And if in Beauty we can see the Good,
Our spirit understands all that it should.

Words in our earthly language may be weak,
Yet Truth is strong; with Heaven's Heart we speak
To show a path to living's inmost duty.

"Allah is beautiful and He loves Beauty":
There is a Splendor we can hear and see;
A mirror of the True we ought to be.


The Way

Within our deepest center dwells the Self;
And so they say: you ought to realize
Your own divinity. But they forget:
Without God's help we never can be wise.
Ignoring this, too many go astray.

With Heaven's Grace alone we find the Way.



The magic power of a sacred song,
The thunder of a drum afar one hears.
The movement of the stars is in the dance,
The everlasting music of the spheres.

Our inner truth needs to be heard and seen:
The dance means our deep nature and its speech.
Our body shows the language of the Self;
It lets us grasp what thinking cannot reach.

Dancing is born of nature's inner part;
From thence it comes, then goes back to the Heart.

[Other poems by Frithjof Schuon]

All of these poems are coming from the book "Road to the Heart" Poems
by Frithjof Schuon, 1995,

World Wisdom Books, Inc.