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"There is certainly no reason to admire a science which counts insects and atoms but is ignorant of God..."

"What could be more naive than to seek to enclose the Universe in a few mathematical formulae..."

"The very precision of modern science, or of certain of its branches, has become seriously threatened..."

"Modern science can tell us nothing about our extra-spatial situation in the total and real Universe..."


Science and religious Faith
Does modern science know what man is?
Modern science, and the infinitely distant and the infinitely small
Science and intelligence
Limits of modern science
Science and logic
Science and machines
Science and integral Metaphysics
Science and mystery
Science and Mythology
Science and the modern worker
Prometheism of modern science
Science and rationalism
Science and Revelations
Science and Tradition
Science and Transcendence
Science and transgression
About Einstein

Science and precision