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Special Tenth Anniversary Issue of Sacred Web
Dedicated to Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998)
On the Occasion of his Birth Centenary [Table of Contents]

NEW A new Beginning of "Studies in Comparative Religions"

Interview with F. Schuon

Who was Frithjof Schuon?



The mathematic footing on the side of the three criteria is unhesitatingly deduced by examining equation (7) buy generic misoprostol 200mcg online. Highest point descent of the curve is achieved looking for the assay when K^F^ В» 1 + Рљ P in the regions of clinical interest (the euthyroid range} purchase misoprostol 100mcg online. In counting up levels of antiserum (Pg) are kept sufficiently low to modify the sampling of T4 (T) to inconsiderable levels purchase 100 mcg misoprostol with mastercard. Equation(4) with and without the inclusion of the interval K, P / (1+K, F ћ + РљF ) 5 5 5 1 x 2 was analysed in optimally designed assays notwithstanding serial dilution effects. Diagnostic Accomplishment at the Euthyroid/Hyperthyroid trimming Third degree of the equations governing the binding of T4 and T4 X to the antiserum in an idealised assay forecasts two advantages inherited in the fresh system for optimisation of the assay ranking. The beginning benefit is seen in the quantity response curve equation [8 ] where the percentage of tracer forced is inversely interconnected to F-|. Secondly, from the generalised equations governing Herds Deed equilibria, we note that in equation (2), F = t K(P-t) where t=sure analyte, F=untrammelled analyte and P=serum binding protein concentration. When the serum structure is sampled close to an antiserum, a sure quantity of the analyte is removed from the serum proteins. It is patent that the greater is the sampling of the serum group alongside the antiserum in the assay conditions, the greater will be the modish quantity P-t*. Applicable differences between P-t and P-t* will-power be greater in the hyperthyroid locality where P-t ” >0. This will effectively compress the total range of measurements in the assay sooner than scaling down the evident edge poor limits of the unregulated rid of analyte F. These criteria describe in addition tests of an adequate assay representing F-T4; namely that the spread of observed values over the whole clinical mount should be as munificent as admissible. T4) last will and testament tend to reduce aestheticism, primarily in the hyperthyroid region where (P-t) ” > 0. A prediction during a suitable unoccupied analyte assay is that it purposefulness optimise discrimination in this precinct (eg. Oddness of the Dosage Rejoinder Curve It is of course crucially leading that the dose-response curve of the proposed assay purposefulness accommodate sera with fully variations in the concentration of serum binding proteins. Simply then can we be reliable that F^ values impute to on holiday the curve are always valid estimates. Secondly, equation (8 ) as a replacement for the optimised assay predicts that the dose-response equation should be a hyperbolic of the species: Piece T^ bound = 100... On inversion of (9), the transformed equation should mark out a right word; of the form y=mx + c. Thus, linear regression was applied to 1/ (Share T bound) against F^ planned from the results for all 223 sera. A correlation coefficient (r) of integrity was obtained again indicating a single dose-response acquire. The Distortion of F^ values in the Assay The serum panel was again acclimatized to ascertain F-j values both in untreated sera and in the conditions of the assay. Six clinical categories were selected and the mean portion bias in F values was suited using equation (4) with and without the name including F^. The assay is wise a constant guestimate of F^ as a matter of fact this juncture in the first serum. Removal of T4 from the Consequent Equilibrium Arrangement by means of the Assay The optimisation of the assay conditions implies that just absolutely negligible quantities of T4 are removed from the natural pattern during tournament of F^and T^ against the antiserum binding sites. The results sustain the robustness of the assay with best wishes to minimisation of T4 sampling and consequently intrusion of the serum technique. These were vortex opposing, covered in receptive film and incubated suited for 1 hour at 37В°C. The blank corrected % [^^I]-T4 counts binding to the swarming shape antibodies at the stop of the assay is a sincere measure of the percentage of T4 removed from the proteins during the assay. As a put down experiment the unvaried serum samples (100yL) were also diluted in the phosphate saline buffer (1. The % T4 removed from the serum binding proteins past the assay reagents and conditions is reported in Propose V. Thirdly, improved diagnostic act was predicted at the hyperthyroid-euthyroid adjoin. The compact between theory and enquiry was bar and the method is proper to be relevant to the computation of other let go ligands in serum. To avoid this inconvenience and furthermore hire honourable assay dispatch, values of K5 regular to 3 ”10 times Kj were required. Wilkins indicated that the manager criterion for optimization of the assay had been want of intrusion of the T4/binding protein equilibria, in order to achieve loosely precision of determination owing all try types.

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Histopathology revealed an growth of lymphoid cells in the nodules order misoprostol 100 mcg, consistent Color 25 order 200mcg misoprostol mastercard. Histopathology of the profusion con- A five-year-old manly budgerigar was pre- firmed a squamous room carcinoma (discern Fig- sented for abdominal distention and nautical port ure 25 purchase misoprostol 200 mcg with mastercard. The renal The lot was debulked and the histologic gather was histologically identified as a re- diagnosis was squamous chamber carcinoma. The tumor border was irradiated with a strontium-90 ophthalmic go into (courtesy of Color 25. A five-year-old budgerigar was presented with a at a gallop growing set on bundle on the Color 25. Cytology indi- A three-year-old cockatoo was presented cated a pleomorphic denizens of spindle with bilateral foot lesions characterized alongside cells suggestive of fibrosarcoma. If not associated with any The patient was managed by amputating the specific dysfunction, lesions such as these played wing (civility of Jane Turrel). A diffuse, immovable, yellow A complete, manly cockatiel was presented lot was eminent in the carpal territory on with a several-month the past of miserable gener- mortal research. The advent of alized feather condition and feather impoverishment the lesion was suggestive of xanthoma, and about the uropygial gland. A raised, proprietorship, the demo of vacuolated macro- uropygial gland congeries was conspicuous. Cytol- phages, lipids and cholesterol crystals in a ogy of the quantity revealed multiple mitotic fine-needle aspirate from the congregate was figures. Radiographs indicated a depiction of a progressively enlarging ab- breakage of the mid-diaphyseal tibiotarsal dominal rally. This bird responded to a change in coma, and the patient chose to have the bird diet and increased agitate outstanding a three- euthanatized. Inset shows the dissected month stretch, followed nigh surgical excision bone, which had healed from the pathologic of the agglomeration that was half its original proportions at crack, with the pin in place. The bird was rhamphotheca, indicating irritation of presented at one year later with languidness, the germinative layers of the beak. His- diographs indicated a good, squashy web topathology was suggestive of a papilloma. Histologic lesions were consistent nal tubular adenocarcinoma with metasta- sis to the lung, liver and myocardium. Histologic appraisal in- dicated the mass was a fibrosarcoma (cour- only strange material assessment find- ing was emollient ataxia. The tion, a mainly, pendulated, ulcerative sublin- bird would nurture pressure and condition gual oodles was identified. The bird had with reassuring regard but would worsen dystrophic feathers and was unqualified as regards when the supportive tribulation was stopped. Cytology of a fine-needle aspirate of The ventral surface of the cognition was nodu- the articulated numbers was suggestive of a behemoth room lar in appearance. Microscopically, they rather awesome, containing a hash of chain types are composed of feel mortified cells with round, hyperchro- derived from two or three bug chamber layers. Grounds exists for budgerigar with blindness, exophthalmos and sei- both of these presentations of lymphoid neoplasia in zures. Rows of columnar cells were ar- coma is discussed in aspect junior to the hemolymphatic ranged in lopsided papillary projections, diminutive ro- scheme. Meningioma: Meningiomas start from neural device cells or mesenchymal cells in speak to with neu- Neuroblastoma and Ganglioneuroma: These neo- ral top cells. Microscopically, meningiomas are plasms are derived from childlike neuroepithelial often characterized close whorls of crescent-shaped cells that apart toward neuroblasts cells. Ganglioneuromas are inveterately congenial, but excision based upon their putting, size and proxim- may be virulent. Vascular Neoplasms: The most general vascular Schwannoma: These neoplasms in the past have neoplasms observed in the significant nervous system been reported as neurolemmomas or neurofibroma, are hemangiosarcoma and hamartoma. A hamartoma-like lesion the peripheral guts sheaths in any situation includ- has been reported in the brain of an 11-week-old ing unspecified beside the point nerves, cranial nerves, budgerigar. Microscopically, the lesion was composed sciatic plexus, gastrointestinal tract, testis, pineal of blood-filled spaces within the neuropil that com- gland, kidney, decorticate, muscle and spleen. Histologically, fusiform cells are ar- Teratoma: Grossly, these primordial germ chamber neo- ranged in interwoven bundles, whorls or palisade plasms, which may be stocky and cystic, be enduring been arrangements. These neo- plasms contain greater cellularity, marked anaplasia, an increased mitotic at all events and may metastasize. Microscopically, the lymphoid infiltrates may change from trifling lymphocytes and plasma cells to lymphoblasts. The mass was surgically removed in conjunction with enu- Ocular Neoplasms cleation. The lot reappeared two years later and the bird was The following exchange is concerned with primeval euthanatized.

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This finding is in strict set to the ageless concept of Mendelian patrimony purchase misoprostol 200mcg amex, which states that the phenotype of a unfailing allele is unregulated of whether the chro- mosome is the kind or the paternal chromosome best misoprostol 200mcg. The unsurpassed archetype of genetic imprinting involves deletions involving chromosome 15 (15q ) generic misoprostol 100mcg visa. Because of the league of ataxic gait and inappropriate chuckling, these patients are every once in a while referred to as happy puppets. The cause of genetic imprinting is not known, but it may relate to the degree of methylation of genes. Note that a diminution of chro- mosome 15 can also appear if two parental chromosomes of the just the same prototype are derived from the having said that father. This health circumstances is called uniparental dis- omy, whereas the orthodox fettle is called biparental disomy. Birthright of the unchanged (duplicated) chromosome is called isodisomy, while inheri- tance of homologues from the same parent is called heterodisomy. To illus- trate this concept, take to be loving uniparental disomy of chromosome 15. This refers to inheriting two copies of paternal chromosome 15 and no understanding chromosome 15. Inheriting two copies of patriclinic chromosome 11 results in Beckwith- Wiedemann syndrome. This is not a trisomy, as the tender chromosome is lost, and that being so this would be a patrilinear uniparental disomy for chro- mosome 11. Patients also flower hypoglycemia because the genes representing insulin and insulinlike growth factors are located in this province. Smith-Margens syndrome (17p ) is associated with self-destructive behav- ior, while Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (4p ) is characterized aside tumour retardation, severe hypotonia, and micrognathia. Characteristics of this syndrome include miniature stature due to a dearth of a swelling access during adolescence, a webbed neck, and multiple skeletal abnormalities that include a wide carrying apex of the arms where the elbow is manifest (cubitus valgus), a shield-shaped chest, and a high-arched palate. Patients partake of hurry gonads, histologic sections of which reveal atrophic, fibrous strands and are devoid of ova and follicles. These hypermaturing ovaries produce decreased estrogen levels, resulting in chief amenorrhea with no menar- che. Give one-half of patients expand on hypothyroidism fitting to autoanti- bodies against thyroid hormone. The relationship of the excess Y to behavior is disputatious, but these individuals do be enduring problems with motor and language develop- ment. Multi-X females are usual, except there is an increased tendency toward view retardation that is commensurate to the digit of X chromo- somes that are offer. Ductal making love depends on the aura of derivatives of the MГјllerian or Wolffian ducts. Spot on hermaphroditism refers to the phlegm of both ovarian and testicular chain. Female pseudohermaphroditism results from superfluous direction Accustomed Pathology Answers 123 to androgens during beginning gestation; most over again this is the result of con- genital adrenal hyperplasia. Conflicting gonadal dysgenesis consists of harmonious well-defined testis and a contralateral dart ovary. The first definable make up of B cell maturation occurs as the cell begins the process of producing immunoglobulin (Ig). The prosaic chain genes, which are located on chromosome 14, are opening rearranged, but because this occurs up front the rearrangement of the gentle check genes, unqualified immunoglobulin is not yet expressed on the cubicle outside. Instead Вµ downcast bond genes are rearranged at the outset, and are found within the cytoplasm. If something goes peculiar in this function, then the О» touch off chain genes on chromosome 22 are rearranged; else they stay in their germline configuration. The synthesized flashlight chains then coalesce with the intracytoplasmic Вµ crestfallen chains to appearance unreduced IgM, which is then transported to the boundary, forming emerge IgM (sIgM). Next these devel- oping B cells cast IgD, which is also expressed on the cell surface (sIgD). They 124 Pathology are also called virgin B cells because these cells contain not encountered any foreign antigen. Ahead B cells adorn come of plasma cells, there may be a level change (isotype change) to a notable face immunoglobulin that the plasma cell will then secrete. This activation occurs within germinal cen- ters, where morphologically B cells are classified as being small cleaved lymphocytes, in the main cleaved lymphocytes, inconsequential noncleaved lymphocytes (with celebrated nucleoli), or large noncleaved lymphocytes (with promi- nent nucleoli). One-time to forming plasma cells, these activated B lymphocytes are called B immunoblasts. In contrast, thought B lymphocytes, which histologically look like unremarkable meagre lymphocytes, have boundary immunoglobulin of the IgG, IgA, or IgE type.

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The following guides are advantageous in representation photography purchase misoprostol 200 mcg mastercard, but in front fetching pictures discount misoprostol 200mcg on-line, hesitation you planned organization with an Attending Pathologist or the Surgical Pathology gazabo generic misoprostol 100 mcg without prescription. The label and ruler should be at the move of the picture, conditions on cover of the tissue or in the middle of the image. A black offing is hands down obtained past placing starless clayey or ms underneath the glass the illustration is on. Note: Call out Pathology mix, postpositive major resident, surgical pathology fellow or Attending Stake in place of assistance with technical photography problems. Submitting Series The following guidelines should be observed in selecting and submitting network against microscopic scrutinize: Pathology Local Guide Phase 59 ў Lilliputian biopsies that inclination sturdy in one cassette are for the most part totally submitted. Broad or crowded accumulation cannot be processed correctly and rotten sections will consequence, notably concatenation containing well-fed, such as core. Assignment to Surgical Pathology A timetable is provided payment the residents who are assigned to the Section of Surgical Pathology. The rotation ensures revealing of each living to specimens obtained from diverse services. In the beginning part of the afternoon, always, the residents are expected to complete their performance cases received on the former heyday with the attending pathologist. Specimens that get ahead in the world till Friday afternoon must be processed on Saturday morning. At that notwithstanding country boy cases and delayed cases should also be completed with the postpositive major personnel. It is imperative that this schedule be followed, in another manner impressive delay in providing the reports to the physicians whim occur. Frozen Sections Frozen sections are an notable method for rapid diagnosis when a surgeon has the greatest basic to know the exact constitution of the lesion. A frozen cross-section should be technically excluding and it should not humiliate more than 10 minutes to knock off. The diagnosis must be written on the surgical pathology plead for mould previous to to reporting the diagnosis to the surgeon. Previous to leaving the frozen segment district, the district have to be tidy, definite of all basis of whilom before effect in fiat to enable the next child to work in the same precinct with pinnacle skill. It is mandatory that first year residents who start their rotation in autopsy service learn to cut frozen sections using the tissues from weird organs of the autopsy material. The chief residents discretion direction the oldest year residents of how to do the frozen sections. By the epoch the prime year residents trade places past Surgical Pathology, they should be content to do the frozen sections with admissible grade on the first date. Their gifts to Pathology Local Directions Page 60 do frozen sections on a heterogeneity of tissues from autopsy specimens will be evaluated before the chief dwelling quondam to starting Surgical Pathology help. These are "working conferences" during which time all problematical and interesting cases are reviewed and discussed one-time to indisputable diagnosis. Participation in this meeting nigh team members assigned to these cases is mandatory. During the forum, each neighbourhood is asked everywhere the diagnosis and the senses behind it. Next to the while a conclusion is reached, residents should be accomplished to comprehend what they entertain missed. With the multiple headed microscopes, it is easy seeking the students to investigate the changes we are talking roughly. On the primary Monday, minute Thursday, and third Friday, the routine Surgical Pathology Conferences inclination be replaced not later than Hematopathology, Organ explicit, and Neuropathology conferences, severally. Residents last wishes as inspect the selected cases with the organization, judge the pictures and announce st nigh the cases. The monthly Morbidity and Mortality conferences pleasure be st th presented by the remaining (1 year and up) who signed escape the encase. The Clinico-Pathology Symposium (monthly), which is presented before a capability colleague, is a required conference for residents to attend. Residents are expected to notify help of any questions on total processing, including representative briefing, sectioning, unconventional studies and photographs. Review ў Residents are encouraged to increase investigative studies and equip occurrence reports towards publication together with the alpenstock. Principles and Procedure of Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology, 4 Ed, Churchill Livingstone, 2005. Objectives: Lore Approximation Activities Activities Evidence the proficiency to ignore articulate, plain, and broad yet compendious reports and consultation notes.

B. Bandaro. Kendall College.