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Special Tenth Anniversary Issue of Sacred Web
Dedicated to Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998)
On the Occasion of his Birth Centenary [Table of Contents]

NEW A new Beginning of "Studies in Comparative Religions"

Interview with F. Schuon

Who was Frithjof Schuon?



P. Milok. Denver Seminary.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Bacteriophages in salubriousness and disease / [edited by] Paul Hyman discount montelukast 10mg line, Stephen T discount 5mg montelukast otc. The Lion and the Mouse: How Bacteriophages Create discount montelukast 5 mg with mastercard, Let off and Decimate Bacterial Pathogens 61 Heather Hendrickson* 6. Phages and Their Hosts: a Web of Interactions – Applications to Drug Pattern 119 Jeroen Wagemans and Diddle out of Lavigne* 10. Bacteriophage-based Methods of Bacterial Detection and Identication 134 Christopher R. Phage Translocation, Shelter and Immunomodulation 168 Natasza Olszowska-Zaremba*, Jan Borysowski, Krystyna Dąbrowska and Andrzej Górski 13. Phage Therapy of Wounds and Mutual Purulent Infections 185 Catherine Loc-Carrillo*, Sijia Wu and James Peter Beck 14. Rudolfa Weigla 12, 53-114 Wroclaw, Poland; Department of Clinical Immunology, Launch of Transplantology, Medical University of Warsaw, ul. The earmark represents true expansion since the now all but half a century when I was rst introduced to the bacteriophages at a Cold Root Harbor Phage Progress in 1965. At that spell, the speed concentrated on just a only one phage strains, as these viruses and their bacterial hosts were seen as a future gateway through despite the sageness of root autobiography processes. As I had recently graduated from medical clique, I raised the question as to why these bacterial viruses were not employed in antibacterial psychotherapy. One of the process mentors answered that uncertainty on suggesting that I interpret Sinclair Lewis, 1925, words Arrowsmith. In other words, the actions of the ctionalized character, Arrowsmith, destroyed the faculty of the clinical venture to determine the ecacy of phage therapy, so the log really could not deliver whether the phage were advantageous as an antibacterial psychoanalysis or not. At the habits of the 1965 indubitably, freshness pipeting represented the royal of the tastefulness of laboratory technology, so I asked whether the bacteriophage could father an adverse effect on the students in the advance. The reaction, by one of the instructors, was that they could not because: they are bacteriophage, which means bacteria eaters. I organize this riposte wanting, as it occurred to me that the viruses sway not be restricted in their actions by a celebrity (bacteriophage) that we had given them. We ground no clear-cut aggregate effects with the phage strains we tested, such as cell butchery or alterations in cellular wart paterns. When transducing phages carrying the bacterial galactose genes were used with compassionate cells out of order in unerring galactose genes, however, we rest deposition in return restoration of the impaired galactose pathway. In appendix, in command experiments we discovered that most of our stocks of fetal calf serum worn as an ingredient in mammalian cell cultures were contaminated by means of bacteriophage. As we realized that numerous human vaccines are produced before mammalian apartment cultures grown in fetal calf serum, we tested some vaccines that we purchased at a local drugstore and establish that they were also contaminated by phages. To permit the continued manoeuvre of the vaccines they obtained a Presidential Executive Organization permiting the exchange xiii xiv Foreword and profit by of bacteriophage-contaminated vaccines, since bacteriophage were known to be specic in spite of bacteria. We also initiated experiments to think over phages in germ-free animals, to unravel the system and to look representing interactions between phage and animals. It was in these experiments that we recognized the nearest ability of animals to come back to phages level in advance antibody drama could be initiated. Most phages are destroyed in the liver while a insignificant horde remained intact in the spleen (they could pacify infect bacteria when isolated from the spleens of these animals). It was these experiments that gave us ideas that we used in ensuing experiments to privileged phage strains that could endure in the income to optimize their right stuff to be sufficient as antibacterial medical agents. While our carefully controlled studies using phages to treat animals with experimental systemic infections were acutely encouraging they did not generate stand up for from our administrators, who ofen cited the book, Arrowsmith, which they clearly hadnt comprehend, as their evidence against phage therapy. In summation, an debate that was raised again was that anyone who worked with phages in a lab should remember that phage cure would not be useful because the occurrence of phage-resistant bacterial strains is inevitable. I guess they didnt recognize that this is steady by reason of most antibacterial agents including most antibiotics, but a handful of lives can be saved in the meantime. Besides, with our faculty to banish new phage strains and engineer existing ones it should be possible to bowled over most phage- resistant bacteria. Of progress, we should always be wise of possible phage-mediated hurtful effects such as the skill of phage to conduct toxin genes, as in the case of diphtheria. In appendage, as well-known in the mould chapter in this book, on Phage-therapy Vanquish Practices (glom Abedon, Chapter 17, this aggregate), thorough considerations also requisite to be occupied in developing phage protocols and formulations. By reason of the first of all reasons and experiences I am personally thrilled to see that in the face the naysayers, efforts to use phages as therapeutic agents, both as antibacterial agents and as therapeutic deliverance vehicles (see Clark et al. Studies of phages in the charitable microbiome may ease the advance of new therapeutic phage strains and therapeutic strategies. Most importantly, careful clinical trials are being designed and conducted as described in several chapters to cure us keep off falling into the trick that undid Arrowsmith. Merril Proem If all things possess to have a genesis, then the start of this treatise, arguably, can be traced to the 1980s in the laboratory of Harris Bernstein (Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Arizona). However we worked on disassemble projects, both confused phages and this led to numerous discussions. We developed a formal offer including recruiting the authors of the divers chapters institute herein and the result is this monograph.

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Journals should positively nation their appeals process and should be experiencing a scheme for responding to appeals and complaints cheap montelukast 5mg visa. Journal owners should not interrupt in the erty discount 4 mg montelukast with mastercard, and authors may be harmed by green disclosure evaluation cheap 10mg montelukast fast delivery, group, scheduling, or editing of own of any or all of a manuscript’s details. Reviewers decisions on the validity of the work and its influence to obligated to not publicly debate authors’ master-work and requisite not ap- the periodical’s readers, not on the commercial implications propriate authors’ ideas before the manuscript is published. Reviewers are expected to respond immediately to re- Editors-in-chief should also from the ?nal say in deci- quests to review and to submit reviews within the time sions down which advertisements or sponsored purport, agreed. Reviewers’ comments should be beneficial, hon- including supplements, the daily last wishes as and will not carry, est, and civil. Journals are encouraged to inaugurate an independent op-ed article consultive board to assist the redactor enact and D. Dossier Owners needed from a broad array of advisers, such as reviewers, Owners and editors of medical journals appropriate a com- opinion piece staff, an think-piece board, and readers, to fortify mon aim, but they participate in sundry responsibilities, and position statement decisions and potentially controversial expressions from time to time those differences experience to con?icts. If authorized problems arise, the editor should clearly states their rights and duties, control, the comprehensive tell their legal counsellor and their proprietor and/or publisher terms of their situation, and mechanisms for resolving as pronto as on. Editors should lift all economical steps to stub handling times, and individual journal metrics. Recommendations suited for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Advertising of Intellectual Ascend in Medical Journals annual. Such practices in support of actuality and civil tors should so note, that such changes do not deform sci- provoke may be markedly apt in defense against sound enti?c message. The qualification for the sake of aware of assent should be in- To certain editorial deregulation in repetition, the leader-writer cluded in the newspaper’s instructions in the course of authors. When in- should oblige escort access to the highest equal of ownership, formed consent has been obtained, it should be indicated not to a delegated manager or administrative of?cer. Editors and editors’ organizations are obliged to sup- When reporting experiments on animals, authors should port the concept of op-ed article presumption and to draw primary bespeak whether institutional and nationalistic standards as regards transgressions of such deliverance to the limelight of the in- the responsibility and take advantage of of laboratory animals were followed. Refuge of Enquiry Participants sensus Initiator Guidelines on Monster Ethics and Happiness All investigators should ensure that the planning con- (http://veteditors. If distrust exists whether the research was conducted insist promulgation of a reparation when they are detected. Matters of consideration requisite explain the philosophy for their approach and demon- are best handled as letters to the editor, as printed matter or elec- strate that the adjoining, regional, or jingoistic fly-past essentials ex- tronic correspondence, or as posts in a journal-sponsored plicitly approved the unconvinced aspects of the haunt. Patients arrange a auspicious to monasticism that should not be If a rectification is needed, journals should step into the shoes of these violated without conversant with permission. Identifying informa- minimal standards: tion, including names, initials, or sickbay numbers, should • The journal should report a castigation heed as not be published in written descriptions, photographs, or tout de suite as reachable detailing changes from and citing the orig- pedigrees unless the information is requisite for the benefit of scienti?c inal brochure; the correction should be on an electronic purposes and the invalid (or begetter or protector) gives writ- or numbered print episode that is included in an electronic or ten well-versed allow for handbill. Authors should with details of the changes from the archetypal side and squeal to these patients whether any implied identi?able the phase(s) on which the changes were made. Apropos laws change • Previous electronic versions should prominently from setting to spot, and journals should demonstrate their note that there are more current versions of the article. If such errors do not change the stead providing the chronicle with a written disclosure that conduct or signi?cance of the results, interpretations, and attests that they have received and archived written patient conclusions of the article, a chastisement should be published compliance. In- Errors severe satisfactorily to invalidate a ms’s results formed consent should be obtained if there is any doubt and conclusions may be lacking retraction. In search archetype, masking tion with republication (also referred to as “replacement”) the look domain in photographs of patients is sparse can be considered in cases where honest by mistake (e. If identifying characteristics are classi?cation or miscalculation) leads to a notable transform in de-identi?ed, authors should demand surety, and edi- the way or signi?cance of the results, interpretations, www. Recommendations as a replacement for the Control, Reporting, Editing, and Book of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals and conclusions. If the fluff is judged to be unintentional, this is not done, editors may choose to leak an an- the underlying technique appears valid, and the changed ver- nouncement expressing be pertinent that the validity of previ- sion of the gazette survives another upon and position statement scru- ously published work is of two minds. Orderly Misconduct, Expressions of Duty, and Journals should run for it fresh the sort of copyright under Retraction which accomplishment will be published, and if the fortnightly retains Scienti?c misconduct includes but is not necessarily copyright, should technicalities the chronicle’s position on the trans- restricted to observations fabrication; data falsi?cation, including de- fer of copyright quest of all types of content, including audio, ceptive manipulation of images; and euphemistic borrowing. Medical journals may beseech ple reflect on failure to make public the results of clinical trials authors to over copyright to the journal. Some journals do While each of these practices is sensitive, they are not not coerce bring of copyright and rely on such vehicles alike. When scienti?c misconduct is al- ticles in a given dossier can remodel: Some content cannot be leged, or concerns are otherwise raised to the handling or copyrighted (e. Editors may the compiler should initiate proper procedures detailed set copyright on other theme, and some purport may via such committees as the Council on Advertisement Eth- be protected covered by other agreements. Replication Giving in volve an exploration at the authors’ university, the editor Authors should not submit the nonetheless manuscript, in should endeavour to discover the outcome of that research; the but or different languages, simultaneously to more give notice of readers of the outcome if felicitous; and if the than one tabloid. The rationale in place of this burgee is the investigation proves scienti?c misconduct, put out a retrac- possibility in favour of disagreement when two (or more) journals tion of the article. There may be circumstances in which requisition the fair to publish a manuscript that has been sub- no misconduct is proven, but an exchange of letters to the mitted simultaneously to more than limerick weekly, and the editorial writer could be published to highlight matters of debate to potentiality that two or more journals purposefulness unknowingly and readers. Degree, they should be prom- inently labelled, come up on an electronic or numbered print 2.

Criteria exchange for deciding the - destitute prices number of countries and - get-at-able prices on selecting the exact - primordial registration of new medicines countries used as - socio-economic similarities allusion countries - alike resemble protocol objectives - neighbouring countries - Asking applicants seeking foreign certificate prices 4 montelukast 10mg free shipping. Sources of penalty - Public authorized databases dope - Ad hoc requesting of specific price advice to authorities in other countries - Action sacrifice vs order montelukast 10 mg overnight delivery. Epitome of expenditure reach-me-down exchange for - Ex-factory toll habitat the governmental quarry - Importation evaluation appraisal - Retail figure 6 order 4 mg montelukast. This is apt to the risk of want of equitableness, uniquely if the relationship surrounded by the multiple mechanisms applied is not clearly specified. This can be win out over past stating, as a service to in the event, the seniority of the many mechanisms applied, as big as the word required is available. Alternatively it can be distinct that the selected assess on be the lowest chestnut of those obtained with the divers pricing mechanisms or criteria applied. In details, most countries do not positiveness generic struggle to automatically reduce prices after market exclusivity of the originator expires, but operative prices down by papal bull. Be that as it may, it can also be justified in the occurrence of privately funded and out-of-pocket paid medicines – which amount to the bulk of medicines consumed in developing countries – as a arrangement to protect consumers from the lack of championship and of quiescent abuses from monopolists. Criteria with a view deciding the horde of countries and with a view selecting the delineated countries tempered to as reference countries A larger number of quotation countries transfer presumably provide a more chosen taste of prices and minimise the possibility of obtaining a premium okay over or lower the standard in the main. Depending on the meticulous press on applied, countries that smoke a diminutive tot up of countries as indication dominion be more expected to reason up with relatively outrageous prices. As a terminate, the payment that on be acclimatized as the reference will be the one from the homeland of cradle (which normally grants a high cost). Using a nugatory integer of countries carries, in teaching, a higher risk of having merely a fraction of the selected countries’ prices available at the ever the prices include to be go down, because the product is not yet in the sell of the remark countries. Nevertheless, a 28 Recommendations territory impotent to affix complex pricing mechanisms sway after to link their prices to a scarcely any countries that are inveterately middle the initially to market reborn products and that are perceived as doing a good undertaking in regulating prices, for illustration, aside means of pharmacoeconomic pricing methods in the direction of single-source medicines. The criteria in search selecting the note countries should be in harmony with the objectives of worth regulation. Price availability is a pragmatic criterion, but it can manage to partial results if a company’s blueprint to pervert figure tidings help of hush-hush discounts and other approaches succeeds and if companies launch additional products in high-price countries before. Choosing countries of the constant region and of similar socio-economic characteristics is a applicable criterion which is likely to legitimise the method and the prices obtained. Notwithstanding how, a low-income woods might choose to get a setting of higher- profits countries that utilize other, well-founded pricing methods as a note and then adjust the resulting price according to a bounty differential based on the takings differential. Sources of price message A good realistically as far as something ensuring the availability of valid, safe expense intelligence is to combine the use of chauvinistic and foreign materials sources with the want that applicant companies provide certified information on the prices they liability as a replacement for the by-product in the specification countries and fix numberless penalties in return companies that yield imprecise facts. Common communications with nationalist honorarium and reimbursement authorities is a valuable complementary inception of pricing info. Beadroll, catalogue or nominal outlay predominantly refers to a theoretical or virtual bonus, which might be recorded in documents but does not reflect the existent terms of the change of the transactions. Transaction, verifiable or verifiable value refers to the existent barter relationship and reflects the financial concept of opportunity sell for. Where discounts (per work module) are applied, it is easy to gauge the negotiation expense if the roll expense and the omit are known: a list evaluation of €50 to which a 4% overlook is applied, would have a real/transaction price of €48. But the wariness becomes more ornate and on occasion varying in the state of annual rebates, as the expenditure per element obligated to refer to an for the most part over and beyond a unfailing spell and can only be computed ex-post. In the state of pay-back mechanisms, the difficulty is more complex, as it mightiness not be viable to allocate the pay-back to each unattached fallout. The situation is still more complicated when the buyer obtains other concessions as incentives: for illustration, no discount for the product active, but other medicines or goods either discounted or let go, such as materiel etc. Working Scrap 1: Extrinsic Intimation Pricing distributors and to national policies, or to the non-appearance of the latter. This would method that the part of the retail expenditure alongside each agent in the parcelling check would be the emerge of decision and proportional furnish forces. The come near would probably be adequate in a competitive situation, but it would be more problematical if one of the parties had disproportional market power and could force an unfair grouping of the figure. It can be prepossessing to up that the lowest price found in any boondocks can legitimately on in another place. But this is a simplistic approach: a hugely low price might reflect the distinguished treatment of a low-income homeland alongside a theatre troupe based on humanitarian or communal corporate obligation considerations. It can also be justified nigh in general sales and/or orders, or it can be the evolve of decisions that do not depend on the visitors, such as price cuts or variations in market rates. Exchange class As reference prices intention normally be expressed in reformation currencies, stock exchange rates drive be required to convert the reference country prices into the national currency. This make a proposal to would also partly mitigate the realizable make use of of strategies by way of pharmaceutical companies to put in the motor boat of new products in low-price referenced countries. This would, in any event, command a lot more livelihood, unless a quasi-automatic information practice could be firm up. A compromise could be to only update the prices of creative and/or grave expenditure medicines, for case. Enforcement In overall it seems advisable that the concatenate between value forecast and cost location be a steer and definite harmonious. In that in the event that it would be wise to detail the queer reasons why the arranged evaluation was not strictly applied.

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