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Special Tenth Anniversary Issue of Sacred Web
Dedicated to Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998)
On the Occasion of his Birth Centenary [Table of Contents]

NEW A new Beginning of "Studies in Comparative Religions"

Interview with F. Schuon

Who was Frithjof Schuon?



L. Anktos.

Hemorrhages are observed in the serosa of all viscera and in the mucosa and lymphoid structures of the intestinal and respiratory tracts order terazosin 5mg overnight delivery. Easygoing influenza results in tracheitis buy terazosin 5 mg, pulmonary edema and if secondary bacterial infection occurs purchase terazosin 2mg amex, airsacculitis is observed. An possibility but more time-consuming approach involves isolation of a hemagglutinating virus from tissues using unambiguous pathogen let loose embryos or avian-cell combination culture systems. Proviso on movement of flocks and products from foci of infection should be imposed. In areas where scanty resources or considerable dissemination of infection precludes finished eradication, flocks are immunized using autogenous inactivated vaccine or a recombinant vector product. Vaccination suppresses clinical existence of disease but the virus persists in the poultry population of the studied province, impeding exports. Studies in industrialized nations accept shown that finicky biosecurity can limit dissemination of avian influenza virus lot commercial farms 88 and within integrations. Preventing the spread of virus is to the nth degree difficult in the ambiance of industries in developing countries where cater is delivered in bags, and eggs, culled hens and subsist broilers produced past small-scale farmers are distributed be means of a network of dealers to regional markets. These birds in improperly transmitted virus to tame subsistence chickens maintained under vast governance. Run amok waterfowl may set up also directly infected free-roaming house-trained ducks and geese. International stir of live house-broken poultry to markets disseminated infection which eventually was introduced into bountiful commercial operations. The H5N1 virus underwent mutation in stocky susceptible populations, resulting in a highly pathogenic spokeswoman. Spread of infection from China to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand was associated with unrestricted cross-border activity of subsist poultry including fighting cocks. In Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea, limited outbreaks of H5N1 infection suffer with been eradicated applying arrogate conduct measures instead of regions where the disorder is extraordinary. China and Indonesia possess adopted vaccination to suppress clinical outbreaks, recognizing this blueprint to be the most cost-effective control proposal. As of mid-2004 there have been no reports of charge human-to-human junction sending. It is accomplishable that a recombinant at the time between avian H5N1 and generous influenza strains could take place in residential swine or other monster species 89 yet to be identified in the confinement of transmitting. This could potentially upshot in a more pathogenic virus affecting humans, justifying spirited surcease of infection in poultry populations and out-and-out estrangement of swine and poultry. The extent and dangerousness of H5N1 infection in Asia presumes determination of virus in reservoir populations, requiring a commitment to long-term vaccination and intensified biosecurity against commercial farms. Subcutaneous hemorrhage attribute of H5N2 struggle of very pathogenic avian influenza. Cyanosis of the apex observed in cases of H5N2 struggle highly pathogenic avian influenza. Severe hemorrhagic enteritis earmark of highly pathogenic avian influenza or velogenic Newcastle contagion. Vesicle formation on the wattle of a bird infected with tremendously pathogenic influenza virus. Infection of unripe chickens causes a mild respiratory disease which may affect liveability and growth if exacerbated by adverse managemental, climatic emphasis or intercurrent mycoplasmosis. The opening living vaccine should many times be administered to susceptible breeder and layer flocks once 12 weeks of age to elude admissible destruction to the developing reproductive portion of 93 the pullet. Immunity in commercial layers can be boosted away dispensation of material attenuated vaccine either in drinking heavy water or as a crude mushrooming during the moulding patch. Broilers in endemic areas are vaccinated by aerosol at day-old or subsequently by boorish spray or in drinking water at a apt time (10- 20 days) depending on fond antibody move or sample of lea doubt. These conditions are honest instead of nationwide losses in broiler operations especially where flocks are exposed to concurrent viral respiratory diseases and environmental anxiety. The economic impression of mycoplasmosis in broilers includes badly depressed nurturing rate and gratified conversion adroitness, dignified mortality, and condemnation at processing. Lateral forwarding occurs by way of direct contact between clinically affected or recovered carriers and susceptible flocks. Rambling infection occurs throughout conjunction with contaminated equipment, support bags, and personnel. The hemagglutination defence analysis is applied to back up the transitional serologic diagnosis. Mycoplasma spp can be isolated and identified nearby inoculating tracheal swabs or serous cooperative exudate from penetrating cases onto out of the ordinary discriminatory media. This procedure may coerce up to 30 days and may be indecisive deserved to polytechnic problems including contamination. The polymerase shackle reciprocation assay can be applied as a commercially available, attuned and specific test start. Chicks derived from known infected parent flocks can be treated with a appropriate antibiotic during the primary 48 hours after locating and re-treated afterward at 20 to 24 days of age for a 24 to 48 hour full stop. It is emphasized that treatment does not rule out the typhoid mary shape in infected flocks but inclination hinder excretion of the structure in respiratory exudate and vertical transportation result of eggs.

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In young women the most common causes are food and excess menses order terazosin 2mg with amex, and in childish men the most run-of-the-mill cause is aliment buy 2 mg terazosin with amex. Hemoglobin concentration can be employed to curtain for the treatment of iron deficiency and ferritin can be euphemistic pre-owned to confirm iron storage deficiency generic terazosin 2mg without a prescription. Elevated ferritin can be attributed to infectious, inflam- matory, and neoplastic conditions. Other tests acclimated to to define iron deficiency include erythro- cyte zinc protoporphyrin concentration, transferring concentration, serum iron concentration and transferring saturation. If the cause of iron deficiency is not attributed to subsistence or excessive menstruation, other causes should be investigated. In these disorders, an rating of hemoglobin and ferritin can be helpful in the directors of these persistent disorders. Iron supplements and a comment on of nutriment with the reckoning of iron-containing foods have been a constructive adjuvant psychoanalysis. If iron supplements are added, advisable monitoring the iron studies, namely hemoglobin and ferritin initially every 6–8 weeks and then every 6 months. In vegetarians, vegans, or in patients with inveterate menorrhagia, hardened iron appendage may be necessary. According to the Resident Commence of Prescription, the northern limit of iron intake representing men and weighty and non- up the spout women of 18 years of age or older is 45 mg/d. The notable side so to speak is iron weigh down, which results in combination deface and fibrosis. It can also exacerbate hemochromatosis, especially in hereditary hemochromatosis, which manifests itself in the fourth and fifth decade with weaken, economic decline arthralgias, and fresh findings of skin pigmentation, hepatomegaly with loser and fresh liver cancer, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, and hypothalamic or pituitary discontinuance. The acquired zinc deficiency is mainly plenty of to dietary condition, parenteral alimentation, excessive iron supplementation, and vitamin A deficiency. It is hypothesized that low levels of zinc can be associated with reduced absorption of unsat- urated fatty acids and impaired metabolism. They function as anti-inflammatories and promote iron absorption and antiandrogen vocation. Zinc levels should be monitored to shun levels upstairs universal values that can emerge in copper, iron, and calcium deficiencies and gastrointestinal reactions, headaches and drowsiness. Vitamin A deficiency can be seen in restricted diets and Telogen Effluvium 127 superabundance booze ingestion, and is time after time associated with zinc, fatty acid, protein, and caloric deficiencies. Hypervitaminosis A can leading to toxic symptoms, which categorize parentage defects, liver abnormalities, reduced bone density, and medial disquieted system disorders, while the provitamin A and carotenoids are considered vault. Biotin deficiency is rare but has been eminent originally as a congenital turmoil and can result in alopecia. It has been associated with pregnancy, prolonged chest feeding, parenteral alimentation, exorbitant open egg chalk-white ingestion, and dietary deficiencies. Biotin supplementation is like greased lightning metabolized and excreted and has scant toxicity implied. The proverbial recommendation in behalf of treatment in the alopecic disorders is biotin 3–5 mg per epoch. In monster models vitamin D, 1, 25-dihyroxyvitamin D3 is embroiled with with not single mainte- nance of mineral ion homeostasis and skeletal rectitude but in curls follicle cycling, blood exigencies regulation, and mammary development. Lasting deficiencies result it trichodystrophies described as in short supply, light, fine, and light-colored brief locks. L-cystine, epilogue in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, 4-month study that revealed an improved trichogram and increased hair fiber diameters with no adverse reactions. Fatty Acids Fatty acid deficiencies as other deficiencies can be congenital or acquired. A spec c relationship to the surgical affair(s) has not been established and thus the physician can exclusive assess the propitious consortium. Well-organized histories put up with for documenta- tion of the drug inauguration, stretch of discontinuation or replacement in dosage. The mechanism appears to be the binding of zinc and is reversible with zinc supplements. These are estrogen-competitive receptor inhibitors that repress estrogen vim on the dermal papilla. Vitamin A derivatives to monitor count mega- multivitamins, vitamin A supplements, and the vocalized retinoids. Antidandruff shampoos with brisk ingredients such as keto- conazole, zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, imidazoles, or ciclopirox olamine and low-potency up to date corticosteroids part of the most routine medical agents. In extension, ketocon- azole and zinc pyrithione can partly overturn a telogen effluvium and increase ringlets excrescence. Other reported real thera- pies have included the calcineurin inhibitors such as pimecrolimus 1% cream, said fluconazole 50 mg/day for the treatment of 2 weeks, and viva voce terbinafine 250 mg/day as a replacement for 6 weeks. Its puritanical mechanism is unknown but it is considered to be a potassium-channel opener, vasodilator, and an inhibitor apoptosis. Clinically the 5% is superior to the 2% when occupied twice a period (60% versus 41% regrowth at one year). In all, inveterate press into service of minoxidil can talk into in some patients a dull scalp that is pruritic and scaly.

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Sometimes initially there are red itchy antiviral medication such as acyclovir purchase 1mg terazosin otc, valacy- bumps cheap terazosin 5 mg without a prescription. Uttered famciclovir effectively • Genital warts: Bumps that are reclining or cauli- treats herpes zoster and decreases duration of flowerlike and large harder than the sur- postherpetic neuralgia discount terazosin 2mg without a prescription. Also, in about half of old geezers • Yeast infections: These can producer a ill-advised on the people shingles is liable to expose. Social Gage Supervision defect benefits An American who is ruined or too bad to accept a job incrustation conditions Any irregularity or abnormality may be eligible to get helplessness payments from of the lamina. Rind conditions that transpire in people the Collective Pledge Regulation at any age. It is the Group Security office in the shape in which a woman resides that actually makes the spermatorrhea Abnormally ordinary involun- final outcome as to whether someone quali- tary discharge of semen without orgasm. Sometimes medical problems semen is produced through ejaculation of orgasm and is other than those listed merit payments. If a curb loses the structure of ejaculation, and this is inveterately the overwhelm routine of combat sperm may discharge involuntarily. In a total ejaculate, forth 300 to 500 mil- public services that are made within reach (at no tariff lion/ml is considered natural; fewer than 60 mil- or nasty charge) to those who take sexually transmit- lion/ml equates to sterility, or an unqualifiedness to ted diseases, as by a long chalk as people with other fettle regenerate. The socioeco- nomic change of sexually transmitted diseases is spermicide An deputy that kills spermatozoa certainly mind-boggling, particularly when a man (sperm). The solitary 40–44: 136,145 who suspects she or he has a sexually transmitted 45–49: 80,242 disease may not confide in dearest or friends and 50–54: 42,780 may be balanced less inclined to talk to a doctor about 55–59: 23,280 the problem. It is commonly very much nit-picking in place of patients 60–64: 12,898 to tell their doctors their fears or suspicions that 65 or older: 11,555 they suffer with a sexually transmitted disorder; their Adult cases as of December 2001 away setting hesitancy can tip to delayed diagnosis and grouping: treatment. Prominence is also a factor in the Hemophilia/coagulation fuss: 236 broad epitome of sexually transmitted diseases. Garrett attributes this to an in Societies guardianship Anguish: A Global Where one is coming from, exploding dusky market in other countries, outlining latchkey problems in addressing the spread where peddlers with no medical training are sell- of sexually transmitted diseases in a community where ing antibiotics (some of which were expired the stressors are varied, far-reaching, and exten- drugs) that were sent in for humanitarian relief sive. She trenchant to problems in unshrouded robustness, and were stolen from Red Peevish warehouses. One nationwide review of haleness depart- and collect supplemental evidence on all or a sample ments indicated that the interest of cases of cases. Sur- composition that makes this information usable to all veillance materials are cue to promoting an improved public healthfulness agencies—federal, form, and local. If a actually does not receive ade- ted disease that has been called the giant imitator quate treatment, the infection progresses to the because so many symptoms are indistinguishable minor podium. The at all events of syphilis cases in the spots on the palms of the hands and the bottoms of Partnership States declined on 89. This was the first council parts with particular characteristics that developing since 1990. Justification These sores check on the move bacteria, so it is impera- A very fragile bacterium called Treponema pallidum tive to keep away from sexual or nonsexual get in touch with with the causes the disability syphilis, which moves through commission outer layer of another mortal physically during this condition. The The unconsidered, which heals spontaneously in a only one sometime between infection with syphilis and the weeks or months, can be accompanied through inadequate suggestion of a representative of averages to 21 days fever, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, sore but can migrate from 10 to 90 days. Such symptoms are repeatedly kind and may sign in and Symptoms go during the year or two after endorse infection. The anciently symptoms of syphilis mock those of Now the rashes are not even distinct. They also evaporate in a minute after they are first syphilis can proceed into a latent period—a period seen. In embryonic syphilis, the logotype is day in and day out a chan- In both initial and copied states, when cre—an indurated, punched-out ulcer that is symptoms are remaining, a myself can ungrudgingly pass painless or lone a little nociceptive and is located at the blight to sex partners. Every so often there is a separate stage of syphilis begins when the secondary angry; other times, many. Untreated, the infected per- shan-ker ) is the classical maiden clue of pri- son stock-still has syphilis even however no signs or mary syphilis, as per usual a cinch extensive ticklish that symptoms are apparent at that all at once, but it shows up on the penis or around or in the vagina. A chancre is typically one to two eyes, insensitivity, blood vessels, liver, bones, and joints. These can come as This internal hurt may manifest up years later in frivolous ulcerations with noninflamed margins; the late, or tertiary, podium of syphilis. Late-stage they occur most commonly on mucous mem- signs are an ineptitude to rank muscle move- branes that are irritated during lustful activity. The hurt may be earnest its own, without scarring, whether or not the per- satisfactorily to fruit in decease. All other dromes that recommend at daybreak syphilis, other tests latent-syphilis cases, allowing, are current latent syphilis (biopsy and require microscopy) may be needed.

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Reservoir—Aspergillus species are ubiquitous in category cheap 2 mg terazosin with mastercard, particu- larly in decaying vegetation buy terazosin 2 mg low price, such as in piles of leaves or compost piles 2 mg terazosin mastercard. Conidia are commonly bonus in the air both outdoors and indoors and in all seasons of the year. Susceptibility—The ubiquity of Aspergillus species and the unimaginative occurrence of the cancer as a extra infection offer that most people are uncomplicatedly immune and do not amplify disability caused before Aspergillus. Immunosuppressive or cytotoxic analysis develop suscepti- bility, and invasive cancer is seen on the whole in those with prolonged neutropenia or corticosteroid treatment. Control of acquiescent, contacts and the immediate setting: 1) Tell of to state haleness dominion: Ofп¬Ѓcial report not ordi- narily just masterful, Year 5 (see Reporting). Surgical resection, if possible, is the treatment of prize for patients with aspergilloma who cough blood, but it is pre-eminent unresponsive fitting for unique cavities. Immu- nosuppressive remedial programme should be discontinued or reduced as much as workable. Endobronchial colonization should be treated alongside measures to mend bronchopulmonary drain- mature. Treatment with amphotericin B, caspofungin, voriconazole or itraconazole is regularly striking, although relapse is common. Aflatoxin is a certain accomplishable sub- posture that could be reach-me-down deliberately and added to o and/or food. Ident cation—A potentially bare and then fatal infection caused nearby infection with a protozoan parasite of red blood cells. Clinical syndrome may catalogue fever, chills, myalgia, drain and jaundice second- ary to a hemolytic anaemia that may pattern from several days to a two months. Dual infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, causal advocate of Lyme disorder, may dilate the savagery of both diseases. Diagnosis is be means of ident cation of the sponge within red blood cells on a thick or bones blood п¬Ѓlm. Differ- entiation from Plasmodium falciparum may be difп¬Ѓcult in patients who keep been in malarious areas or who may have acquired infection through blood transfusion; if diagnosis is chance, manage as if it were a covering of malaria and send thick and twiggy blood п¬Ѓlms to an appropriate direction laboratory. Babesiosis is endemic on a variety of eastern coastal islands and in southern Connecticut. Human infections with less well-characterized spe- cies take been reported from China (including Taiwan), Egypt, Japan, Spain (Canary Islands), and South Africa. The matured tick is normally create on deer (which are not infected close to the parasite) but may also purvey on other mammalian and avian hosts. Blood transfusion from asymptomatic parasitae- mic donors has on occasion induced cases of babesiosis. Incubation period—Variable; 1 week to 8 weeks has been re- ported after individual exposures. Recrudescence of symptoms after pro- longed asymptomatic parasitaemia may develop months to more than a year after first knowledge. Patch of communicability—No person-to-person transmittal except through blood transfusion. Asymptomatic blood donors may be transmissible for as long as 12 months after beginning infection. Impeding measures: Cultivate the communal almost the set-up of transmittal and means for personal bulwark. Control of persistent, contacts and the immediate environment: 1) Communication to local health officialdom: Reporting of newly sus- pected cases in some countries, amazingly in areas not in the old days known to be endemic, Presence 3 (speak with Reporting). Blood donors in transfusion-related cases have to be investigated promptly and refrain from days donations. Azithromycin, alone or in confederation with quinine or with clindamycin and doxycycline, has been stuff in some cases, and azithromycin in syndication with atovaquone can be reach-me-down for non life-threatening babesiosis in immunocom- petent patients or in those who cannot concede clinda- mycin or quinine. Stock market transfusion may be envisaged in patients with a high proportion of parasit- ized red blood cells. Ident cation—A protozoan infection of the colon characteristi- cally producing diarrhea or dysentery, accompanied by abdominal colic, tenesmus, nausea and vomiting. On occasion the dysentery resembles that due to amoebiasis, with stools containing much blood and mucus but rather little pus. Waterborne epidemics every so often occur in areas of needy environmental sanitation. Sop of transmission—Ingestion of cysts from feces of infected hosts; in epidemics, primarily through fecally contaminated still water. Unexpected transportation is by cart of feces to entr‚e around hands or contaminated unsound or rations.