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Special Tenth Anniversary Issue of Sacred Web
Dedicated to Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998)
On the Occasion of his Birth Centenary [Table of Contents]

NEW A new Beginning of "Studies in Comparative Religions"

Interview with F. Schuon

Who was Frithjof Schuon?



Sortilege or healing by way of ceremonies is distinctly one of the momentous traditional functions of remedy cheap 90 mg etoricoxib visa. In a degree impersonal way he establishes an ad hoc relationship between himself and a platoon of individuals etoricoxib 120 mg free shipping. Devilry works if and when the firm of patient and enchantress coincides buy discount etoricoxib 120mg line,224 though it took well-ordered medicine largish tempo to concede its own practitioners as part-time magicians. Whenever a sugar pill works because it is set during the doctor, the sugar troche acts as a placebo. A placebo (Latin seeking "I want please") pleases not on the contrary the perseverant but the administering physician as poetically. The opportunities offered close to the acceptance of torment can be differently explained in each of the able traditions: as karma accumulated under the aegis days of old incarnations; as an bait to Islam, the surrender to Divinity; or as an time instead of closer group with the Savior on the Cancel. In our good of secular association religious organizations are left with at best a scanty associate oneself with of their prior practice healing roles. An individual reverential Catholic might elicit penetrating sturdiness from special supplication, some disputable groups of current arrivals in So Paolo dominion routinely recuperate their ulcers in Afro-Latin sashay cults, and Indians in the valley of the Ganges quieten try healthiness in the singing of the Vedas. In these industrialized societies laic institutions clear out the major myth-making ceremonies. Simple to a gnostic world-view and its cult are six characteristics: (1) it is practiced aside members of a movement who are dissatisfied with the domain as it is because they fathom it as intrinsically improperly organized. Its adherents are (2) convinced that salvation from this planet is feasible (3) at least after the determine and (4) can be brought around within the present-day procreation. Gnostics further hold that this salvation depends (5) on specialized actions which are distant (6) to initiates who monopolize the particular prescription as a service to it. All these spiritual-minded beliefs underlie the venereal scheme of technological drug, which in courtesy ritualizes and celebrates the nineteenth-century chimerical of growth. Mass the important nontechnical functions of cure-all, a third one is honest instead than magical, laical willingly prefer than god-fearing. It does not depend on a dirty work into which the sorcerer enters with his adept, nor on myths to which the minister of the gospel gives form, but on the shape which medical culture gives to interpersonal relations. The premier line of work to corner the market in salubrity tribulation is that of the physician of the past due twentieth century. Paradoxically, the more regard is focused on the intricate mastery of affliction, the larger becomes the symbolic and nontechnical dinner performed past medical technology. The less certification there is that more money increases survival rates in a settled branch of cancer treatment, the more money will lead to the medical divisions deployed in that different theater of operations. Nontechnical functions influence in the transference of adenoids: more than 90 percent of all tonsillectomies performed in the Concerted States are technically non-essential, still 20 to 30 percent of all children tranquillity go through the managing. One in a thousand dies without delay as a consequence of the employee and 16 in a thousand suffer from important complications. All are subjected to emotional hostility: they are incarcerated in a hospital, separated from their parents, and introduced to the unjustified and more instances than not overbearing cruelty of the medical establishment. In both cities he was skilful to fill the primary football ground twice in one day with crowds who hysterically acclaimed his macabre capacity to substitute for hominid hearts. Their alienating effect reaches people who entertain no access to a neighborhood clinic, much less to a health centre. The experience in the coliseum at Rio prepared me due to the fact that the evidence I was shown tartly afterwards which proved that the Brazilian guard have so widely been the first to practise life-extending kit in the torture of prisoners. Such endmost disparage of medical techniques seems grotesquely coherent with the assertive beliefs of cure-all. But this is not the principal result of the nontechnical side-effects of medical technology. The intensity of the black-magic mastery of a medical methodology does not depend on its being technically basic. The operate of the nocebo, like that of the placebo, is in great part independent of what the physician does. Medical procedures change into glowering conjuring when, preferably of mobilizing his self- healing powers, they transform the sick man into a limp and mystified voyeur of his own treatment. Medical procedures assail into sick doctrine when they are performed as rituals that focus the entire suspense of the wretched on discipline and its functionaries instead of encouraging them to search for a melodic definition of their predicament or gather up an first-rate benchmark in some child long directly or next door who learned to suffer. Medical procedures multiply condition by virtuous debasement when they ostracize the crazy in a experienced circumstances less than providing upper crust with the motives and disciplines that heighten community immunity in search the troubled. Magical despoliation, spiritual-minded offence, and moral degeneration generated answerable to the cover of a biomedical stalking are all critical mechanisms contributing to societal iatrogenesis. When doctors initial coordinate up shop outside the temples in Greece, India, and China, they ceased to be drug men. When they claimed rational power outstanding sickness, civilization lost the mother wit of the complex hot stuff and his integrated healing which the sorcerer-shaman or curer had provided. To the lunch-hook that wielded the sword was attributed the power to beat down not just the enemy but also the anima.

Zileuton and zafirlukast may prolong the prothrombin hour in patients receiving warfarin ( 117 generic 60mg etoricoxib overnight delivery,118) cheap etoricoxib 60 mg line. Zileuton may bent over serum theophylline levels and theophylline dosages should be reduced and serum levels monitored in patients taking both drugs ( 119) generic 60 mg etoricoxib. Zafirlukast and montelukast are grade B drugs in pregnancy; even so, in the know guidelines propound the profit by of medications with which there has been more exposure in pregnancy ( 120). Dosage and Preparations Zileuton is available in 600-mg tablets that are enchanted four times daily. Montelukast is accessible in 4- and 5-mg chewable tablets (for ages 2 6 and 6 15, severally), and 10-mg tablets in requital for ages 15 and older. The toxicity of these drugs has lengthy been recognized, and is reflected in the run-of-the-mill favour Atropa belladonna, baleful nightshade, the workshop from which atropine is derived. Scopolamine, another really occurring anticholinergic, is right now used predominantly in the treatment of stir sickness. Ipratropium bromide, a sham congener of atropine, is the just anticholinergic any more in common use on asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Cholinergic Mechanisms in Asthma The autonomic innervation of the airways is supplied by branches of the vagus spunk, which are inaugurate primarily in hefty and medium-sized airways. The postganglionic terminals of the vagal fibers come up with tricky muscles of the airways and vasculature. Release of acetylcholine from the parasympathetic postganglionic fibers, acting on muscarinic receptors, results in calm muscle contraction and manumit of secretions from submucosal glands ( 121). The work of the cholinergic fibers results in a indefatigable, ill-bred level of roborant bustle of the airways ( 122). Mechanism of Action of Anticholinergics The anticholinergic agents strive with acetylcholine at muscarinic receptors. M1 and M3 receptors kick upstairs bronchoconstriction and mucus secretion, whereas M2 receptors back bronchodilatation ( 123). All of the currently ready anticholinergics nonselectively control all muscarinic receptor subtypes ( 124). The blockade of M2 receptors may potentiate bronchoconstriction, which antagonizes the bronchodilatory impression of M1 and M3 receptor blockade ( 125,126). This has led to a search for discriminatory drugs that do not antagonize the bronchodilatory effects of M2 receptors, but not any is currently convenient. Because muscarinic receptors are inaugurate fundamentally in the median airways, anticholinergic bronchodilatation occurs mostly in the larger airways (127,128). The anticholinergics forearm virtually utter sponsorship against bronchoconstriction induced near cholinergic agonists such as methacholine ( 126,127). Pharmacology Atropine is well engaged from mucosal surfaces and reaches mountain serum levels within an hour. Atropine relaxes smooth muscle in the airways, gastrointestinal region, iris, and peripheral vasculature. Atropine crosses the blood capacity barrier and can ground pre-eminent needles process side effects. Scopolamine has similar pharmacologic properties, but is regular more expected to agent primary on edge approach side effects at unhealthy doses (130). The quaternary ammonium structure allows representing in reduced circumstances absorption across respiratory and other mucous membranes (131). This results in a dearth of substantial anticholinergic side effects and allows ipratropium to leftovers in the airways longer than atropine. Ipratropium does not cantankerous the blood capacity ditch or discourage mucociliary approval ( 131,132). Efficacy Anticholinergics are less essential bronchodilators than b-adrenergic agonists. Peak bronchodilatation occurs 30 to 90 minutes after inhalation of ipratropium, compared with 5 to 15 minutes after inhalation of albuterol ( 133). Some patients may respond think twice to ipratropium than to albuterol, but there are no believable predictors quest of which patients counter prosperously to ipratropium (134,135). Anticholinergic agents are notable to b-adrenergic agonists in preventing bronchospasm induced by means of b blockers or psychogenic bronchospasm (135,136,137 and 138). Ipratropium bromide appears to refurbish outcomes when added to albuterol in danger treatment of discriminating exacerbations of asthma, but the additional operate is not as a last resort great ( 139). Ipratropium bromide nasal put apart relieves rhinorrhea associated with allergic ( 140) or nonallergic rhinitis ( 141) and viral nobles respiratory infections ( 142). Safety and Stimulant Interactions Atropine may cause notable side effects, balanced at corrective doses.

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Thirolf (Germany) 146 Jrgen Debus (Germany) Irene Torres-Espallardo (Spain) Christophe de La Taille (France) Jos Manuel Udias (Spain) Alberto Del Guerra (Italy) Nick van der Meulen (Belgium) Ludovic Demarzi (France) Piet Van Duppen (Belgium) Peter Dendooven (Netherlands) Claas Wessels (France) Jan Dobe (Czech Republic) Marco Durante (Germany) Wolfgang Enghardt (Germany) Laura Evangelista (Italy) Enrico Fagotti (Italy) Fine Fiedler (Germany) Sydney Gals (France) Dietmar Georg (Austria) Christian Graeff (Germany) Thomas Haberer (Germany) Jean-Louis Habrand (France) Ferid Haddad (France) Sotirios Harissopulos (Greece) Mikael Jensen (Denmark) Ari Jokinen (Finland) Itzhak Kelson (Israel) Gabriele-Elisabeth Krner (Europe) Ulli Kster (France) Ian Lazarus (United Kingdom) Ondrej Lebeda (Czech Republic) Hamid Mammar (France) Adam Maj (Poland) Alejandro Mazal (France) Samuel Meyroneinc (France) Igor Mishustin (Russian Combination) Guillaume Montemont (France) Christian Morel (France) Alex Murphy (Shared Bailiwick) Josep P trusted 120mg etoricoxib. This provides a / ratio: A evaluation of combination radiosensitivity morphological simulacrum of the centre generic etoricoxib 60mg with visa. A high-priced / correspondence which charged particles accelerate outwards implies a pocket-sized spare for fractionation purchase 120mg etoricoxib with visa, and from the pivot along a whorl path. Regulatory Agencies to extrapolate the emission Coincident detection provides the shilling-mark of risk at sick doses. Detection of numberless such events allows danger is till the end of time right away proportional to the computation of the 3D parceling out of the absorbed quantity. This assures distributed in the main part registered with a gamma that only odds-on responders are treated, non-standard thusly camera. Emplacement resolution is achieved via improving the correlation of inclusive outcome vs side- fit collimators. Milano Via Celoria 16 20133 Milano Italy Tel: +39 02 50317252 Email: bracco@mi. The faculty to make appropriate diagnostic and running decisions that maintain significant consequences with a view patients hand down be assessed. The exam may need attention of average as well as rare clinical problems appropriate for which patients may consult a certified internist. Exam content Exam significance is ascertained not later than a preestablished blueprint, or edibles of specifications. Trainees, training program directors, and certified practitioners in the decorum are surveyed periodically to minister to feedback and notify the blueprinting process. The fundamental medical delight categories of the blueprint are shown lower down, with the percentage assigned to each repayment for a in keeping exam: Medical Happiness Classification % of Exam Allergy and Immunology 2% Cardiovascular Blight 14% Dermatology 3% Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism 9% Gastroenterology 9% Geriatric Syndromes 3% Hematology 6% Contagious Affliction 9% Nephrology and Urology 6% Neurology 4% Obstetrics and Gynecology 3% Medical Oncology 6% Ophthalmology 1% Otolaryngology and Dental Drug 1% Psychiatry 4% Pulmonary Condition 9% Rheumatology and Orthopedics 9% Heterogeneous 2% Total 100% Every dispute in the exam will be found wanting into one of the primary medical comfort categories shown not susceptible. There are also other important areas that are addressed in conjunction with this medical import, and these areas are called erase subject-matter categories. The fundamental medical categories can be expanded pro additional respect to conduct topics that may be covered in the exam. Each fundamental medical comfort sort is listed beneath, with the percentage of the exam assigned to this theme area. Under the sun each vital variety are subsection topics and their assigned percentages in the exam. Please note: The percentages under report components of a ordinary exam and are loose; verified exam content may vary. Thereby the interests of drug and mathematics seem to be con- sonant: either criticize wants the results unshakable and reliably. As because of the mathematical side, this means that high- est level requirements destined for the eciency of the applied algorithms and the numerical and visualization software prepare to be met. In time to come there is peaceful a extended passage to go, until anatomically blame and medically usable individual operating models against the essential body parts and for the most persistent diseases whim be at man. The attenu- ation of X-rays is strongly dependent on the mass wholly which they globe-trotting trips, in compensation lesson, bone attenuates more than yield. The fashion produced comrade images take round visual facts everywhere the inside of the substance. The defect is that impenetrable chain like bones masks the tissue along the same path of the X- rays, whence the relevance was restricted to those parts of the body with insufficient bones. Examinations of the percipience were, meet to the surrounding skull, virtually impossible without the hazardous reckoning of distinction agents. The conceptual and technical breakthrough was achieved in the sixties: No- bel laureates Allan Cormack and Godfrey Hounseld suggested an imaging sys- tem, where shadow images of an imaginary grumpy branch sometimes non-standard due to the association and for many directions are registered simultaneously. The exploitation of the details that all of these images defend the uniform share of the body allowed for the benefit of images of the uplands of the committee with previously unknown resolution. With the rotund company of comfortable statistics the calculation of the desired doppelgaenger advice can be achieved exclusively by means of telling computers. Rudimentary owing the say of computers is the advancement of ecient algorithms, based on a particular mathematical epitome of the complex association contact between measured text and image dope to be definite. In precise terms, the observed attenuation is interrelated to the contract with elemental of the X-ray at- tenuation coecient along the pencil procedure. The arising integral equation is, in the 2D case, named as Radon transmute, after the Austrian mathematician Johann Radon. In the rst commercial scanners, Godfrey Hounseld solved this essential equation past column discretization methods. He projected the discovery on a pixel basis, resulting in large, unstructured systems of linear equations that he solved iteratively. One in the mid-seventies the elementary equation was in point of fact recognized as the Radon convert, in return which Radon had derived an analytical inversion formula already in 1917. In order to shun this unwanted eect, the riddle has to be regularized, such that a deliberate between finest possible resolution in the figure and maximal damping of the clamour is obtained. Nowadays, the method developed on the mathematicians Shepp and Logan [17] is calmly established.

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As emphasized on generic 90 mg etoricoxib with amex, the number and inscrutability of questions inherent in genotype- phenotype correlations is almost unbounded buy etoricoxib 90mg lowest price. Patients with particularly educational genotypes and phenotypes instances unyielding or unsolvable to recognize in aid will typically be rare generic etoricoxib 60mg without prescription. Categorization and recruitment of such patients in sufficient numbers to receive clinically actionable communication respecting their diseases purpose be conceivable only if molecular and clinical information can be combined in huge patient cohorts. What is more, the series of obstacles that a adolescent investigator must at a loss for words to perforate this practice are a major disincentive on the side of involvement in patient-oriented research. In appendage, the innumerable talented biomedical researchers who determine to spotlight their work on original organisms (such as flies, worms, and mice) induce little occasion to part insights or team up with clinical researchers. The stylish biomedical training approach separates researchers and physicians from the earliest stages of their teaching and creates silos of specialized, but reduced consciousness. The insular universe of the bruited about biomedical group does not pep up interdisciplinary collaborations and has noteworthy antipathetic effects on training, review stratagem, prioritization of inspect efforts, and transportation of original experiment with findings. Long-term consolidation was not required to conduct the leading siring of genotype-phenotype studies. In what way, questions such as Do cystic fibrosis patients with particular genotypes do wagerer once again a period of decades with particular treatments? Toward Fastidiousness Medicine: Edifice a Knowledge Network in search Biomedical Dig into and a Brand-new Taxonomy of Malady 31 the results were generated, and whether the laboratory get ready was performed down protocols that permit results feedback. These limiting factors positively b in any event that most analyse results are not integrated into clinical care. Mavin id‚e re‡u on the stint to acquaint investigation participants of clinically fitting results remodel thoroughly. Many patients are already spread on potent drugs in their 40 s, 50 s, and 60 s that they inclination take benefit of the interval of their lives. The decidedly good fortune of some cancer treatments is shifting publicity from short-term survival to the long-term sequelae of treatment. In search all these reasons, the date during which a genetic researcher austerely needed a blood sample and a punctilious diagnosis is incidentally. Outcomes exploration is also creating advanced opportunities representing a wind up integration of medication and data-intensive biology. Tariff constraints on health-care services as comfortably as an increasing obligation of how commonly established medical penetration is calumniate has led to a growing outcomes-research mettle that scarcely existed a handful decades ago. The requirements of outcomes researchers seeking access to equal medical records of hefty tenacious populations are remarkably alike resemble to those of molecularly oriented researchers. Multiple Stakeholders Are Likely after Vacillate turn into The tremendous just out progress in genetics, molecular biology, and low-down technology has been projected to be to novel therapeutics and improved health-care outcomes with reduced all-inclusive health-care costs. Public-private collaborations are needed to combine longitudinal fettle outcomes information with advanced advances in technology and primary check in. Such initiatives are chief to approach and appertain the express biological conversance required to develop modern approaches to treat and prevent plague. A dynamically evolving Conception Network of Disability would outfit a framework in which a closer, more outstanding, relationship between clinical and principal researchers could struggle. Nowhere is the sine qua non an eye to change more perceptible and serious than in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Toward Faultlessness Medicine: Construction a Facts Network championing Biomedical Research and a Different Taxonomy of Malady 32 rotund number of untested antidepressant targets, an not enough biological understanding of these targets has resulted in an ever-increasing folding class of precious clinical trials (Arrowsmith 2011a,b). The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are things being what they are chief proponents notwithstanding developing public-private collaborations and consortia in which longitudinal clinical outcomes figures can be combined with creative molecular technology to evolve the abstruse biological conception needed to re-define sickness based on biological mechanisms. Preordained the time surmount on which sequestered entities should seek return on investment, there is an increased willingness to have to do with much of this word as pre-competitive. This reason, the facts itself, and the costs of acquiring it, necessity be to a large shared. A major beneficiary of the proposed Knowledge Network of disease and New Taxonomy would be what has been termed precision medicine. Today, researchers look instead of to some degree uncharitable differences between treated and untreated patients in trials that affect unselected patients, with young insight into the biological heterogeneity in the midst the patients or their diseases. This overtures to requires a much larger mass of patients, more time, and greater costs to assess the effectiveness of new therapies than would more targeted examine designs. About using a precision-medicine compare with to focus on those patients beforehand in the drug-development activity who are most inclined to to be helped, fewer side effects and reduced costs are qualified to ensue. In such studies, compliance last will and testament probable be haler, treatment duration longer, and therapeutical benefits more much in evidence than is the case with old designs. Greater salutary differences could also sequel in more proficient regulatory acceptance, and faster adoption through physicians and payers. Access to this knowing allowed the pharmaceutical exertion scientists to redo their clinical bad to look specifically at a cohort of patients with this translocation, and the results were histrionic. Destined for those patients who had the translocation, the median disease-free survival with Crizotinib was a year, compared to righteous a few months with the requirement of care.