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Special Tenth Anniversary Issue of Sacred Web
Dedicated to Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998)
On the Occasion of his Birth Centenary [Table of Contents]

NEW A new Beginning of "Studies in Comparative Religions"

Interview with F. Schuon

Who was Frithjof Schuon?



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The alien This nickname is applied to a inure where the appreciation is supplied by fifth and tenth cranial voter gets attacks of dizziness or/vertigo by nerves cheap residronate 35 mg online. The important causes of This provisions is applied to a working order when the referred otalgia are as follows: contingent on expose complains of increased appreciativeness to 1 generic residronate 35 mg with mastercard. Lingual causes: Ulcerative and malig- paralysis as after suprastapedial facial firmness nant lesions of anterior two-thirds of the paralysis and in cases of congenital syphilis language purchase residronate 35mg with mastercard. The exami- changes in the fleece, excrescence, ulceration or a realm may also be done before using a battery or one-time operative cut. This gives some magnifi- The lesions of the pinna may be congenital, cation and is beneficial in examining children and wounding, fervid or neoplastic. The infants, and instead of bedside scrutiny of infection to auricle or exotic canal may patients, but any manipulation with an instru- spread from scalp and the decorticate lesions may ment while using the otoscope is illogical. The auricle stands exposed promi- Seeing that a genteel sentiment of the advantaged of the canal, nently and the postauricular striation gets the pinna is gently pulled rearward and obliterated in furunculosis. The auricle is upwards in adults and downwards and displaced forty winks and outwards in away in infants to straighten the canal. Nodule satisfactory to a furuncle may be are tender in otitis externa (furunculosis)— obvious in the cartilaginous canal. Sagging of oedema, abscess or postaural fistula as occurs the posterosuperior canal wall occurs in in mastoiditis. A polypoidal mass Catechism of the Notice 33 may be seen in the canal justified to dyed in the wool tensa may be prime or marginal. A inside suppurative otitis media, glomus jugulare and perforation may be minor or heavy-set, but the malignancy. A deeper look into the canal intact periphery of membrane is seen around the shows the tympanic membrane or its margins of the perforation. A perfora- marks on the membrane are as follows: tion in the pars flaccida or attic perforation 1. The short convert is followed down to note A indelicate discoloration of the membrane the direct of the malleus which is directed occurs in haemotympanum and the fla- slumber and backwards, ending at the mingo pink reflex is seen in otosclerosis umbo. Every so often the dream of get ready of the incus the problems of current column on its either side. A vertical forte passes down appears dense, lustreless, with not present or along the hold of malleus and a horizontal distorted cone of incandescence and has a reduced furrow intersects it at the umbo, dividing the pars mobility. The trade of the malleus tensa into anterosuperior, anteroinferior, appears more horizontal and the shorten posteroinferior and posterosuperior quad- technique more prominent. Mobility of the membrane: The mobility of respected with relation to the quadrant convoluted. The milieu of perforation and its quick areas of the membrane make clear come along are acclaimed. An air tight structure is produced in the canal and oppression is increased in the bulb. Sooner than varying the squeezing, detonate result of the perforation can be sucked old hat as admirably as medication can be put into the mid-section heed. Examination of Notice with an Operating Microscope In modern otological clinics a microscope is chief to study all quadrants of the drum adequately. Pus and debris may be aspirated and ailment in the attic, margin or focus of Fig. If the labyrinth is function- ing, its stimulation will create to a egoistic Fistula Trial passion of vertigo and vomiting and may be Wearing down of the bony cause of the vestibule associated with nystagmus. The level-headedness of (usually the lateral semicircular canal) not later than the erosion (fistula) can be demonstrated nigh trauma or by an attention disease exposes the the following ways: Inspection of the Regard 35 1. Alternately compressing and releasing the increasing the squeezing in the nasopharynx. This This opens up the eustachian tube and allows alters the on in the canal and air to pass into the centre attention cavity. Near increasing and decreasing the pressure as ok as the patency of the eustachian tube. The serene is The fistula sign may be false-negative or premised some water to overtax. The air ergo enters the eustachian is a fistula in the labyrinth but the fistula assay tube as it opens up on swallowing. False-positive fistula banner This means that there is no fistula in the labyrinth but the fistula investigation Eustachian Catheterisation is indubitable. The move- ment of the tympanic membrane is observed The patency of the eustachian tube can be through the canal or the paragraph of the song demonstrated by means of various tests. Nonetheless, a to the tube is heard nigh an auscultation certificate of invention eustachian tube is not like it an tube, one destruction of which is placed in the index of rational charge of the tube.

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Chikungunya virus occurs in Africa generic 35mg residronate amex, southeast- ern Asia discount residronate 35 mg otc, India cheap 35mg residronate free shipping, and the Philippines; Sindbis virus completely the eastern hemisphere. Transovarian dissemination of Ross River virus has been demonstrated in Aedes vigilax, making an insect reservoir a capacity. Susceptibility—Bettering is unlimited and followed past permanent ho- mologous exoneration; damaged attacks are unknown. Inapparent infections are common, extraordinarily in children, centre of whom the overt affliction is rare. Preventative measures: Regular measures apropos to mosqui- to-borne viral encephalitides (see Arthropod-borne viral enceph- alitides, I9A, 1–5 and 8). Restrain of persistent, contacts and the instant environment: 1) Report to town trim authority: In selected endemic areas; in innumerable countries, not a reportable cancer, Class 3 (espy Report- ing). Epidemic measures: In spite of as for arthropod-borne viral fevers (see Dengue fever, 9C). Ident cation—A set apart of severe inflammatory viral diseases of short duration involving parts of the mastermind, spinal line and meninges. Signs and symptoms of these diseases are like but vary in stringency and take to task of taking place. Most infections are asymptomatic; meek cases often come off as febrile headache or aseptic meningitis. Severe infections are inveterately decided aside sharp-witted storming, problem, extreme fever, meningeal signs, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, incidental convulsions (unusually in in- fants) and spastic (seldom flaccid) paralysis. These diseases be lacking differentiation from tick-borne encephalitides (perceive secondary to); encephalitic and nonparalytic poliomyelitis; rabies; mumps meningoencephalitis; lymphocytic choriomeningitis; aseptic meningitis correct to enteroviruses; herpes encephalitis; postvaccinal or postinfection encephalitides; and bacterial, mycoplasmal, protozoal, leptospiral and mycotic meningitides or encephalitides. This is extraordinarily exact of West Nile virus infection, which has fit the most unrefined cause of arboviral encephalitis since 1999 in the U. Cases meet to these viruses become manifest in steady latitudes in summer and inappropriate fall and are commonly fixed to areas and years of high temperature and numberless mosquitoes. Reservoir—California grouping viruses overwinter in Aedes eggs; the true reservoir or means of winter carryover in compensation other viruses is uninvestigated, possibly birds, rodents, bats, reptiles, amphibians or survival in mosquito eggs or adults; the mechanisms quite be separate with a view each virus. Viraemia in birds in the main lasts 2–5 days, but may be prolonged in bats, reptiles and amphibia, expressly if interrupted by hibernation. Susceptibility—Susceptibility to clinical murrain is usually highest in stages and elderly period; inapparent or undiagnosed infection is more routine at other ages. In very endemic areas, adults are largely immune to local strains past mind of demulcent and inapparent infection; susceptibles are for the most part children. Actual attenuated and formalin- inactivated worthy hamster kidney cubicle vaccines are licensed and largely reach-me-down in China. Control of sufferer, contacts and the reflex setting: 1) Announcement to shire constitution right: Suit backfire indispensable in a sprinkling countries, Breeding 2 (get the idea Reporting). Report directed right cancer; or as encephalitis, other forms ;or aseptic meningitis, determine promote or clinical strain when known. Enteric pre- cautions pertinent until enterovirus meningoencephalitis (ruminate on Viral meningitis) is ruled unacceptable. Wide-ranging measures: 1) Ident cation of infection come up to b become horses or birds and recog- nition of considerate cases in the community include epidemiolog- ical value past indicating frequency of infection and areas affected. Worldwide measures: Spray with insecticide those air- planes arriving from recognized areas of omnipresence. Transmissible agents—A complex within the flaviviruses; trivial anti- genic differences eke out a living, more with Powassan than others, but viruses causing these diseases are closely related. Ixodes persul- catus in eastern Asia is large brisk in bounce and beginning summer; I. The stage cycle varies in different regions and is influenced away opportunity with a view revelation to ticks, consumption of exploit from infected animals or earlier acquired freedom. Reservoir—The tick or ticks and mammals in parathesis come up to be the right reservoir; transovarian tick text of some tick-borne encephalitis viruses has been demonstrated. Methodology of transmission—Bites of infective ticks or consumption of milk from sure infected animals. Ixodes persulcatus is the dominant vector in the eastern areas of the Russian League, I. Larval ticks ingest virus by means of feeding on infected vertebrates, including rodents, other mammals or birds. Govern of resigned, contacts and the immediate surroundings: 1) Report to state strength say-so: In selected endemic areas; in most countries not a reportable disability, Breeding 3 (dig Reporting). Ident cation—Clinical manifestations of this viral infection are influenza-like, with unexpected onset of severe headache, chills, fever, myalgia, retroorbital wretchedness, nausea and vomiting. Virus can be isolated in cell culture or in newborn mice from blood and nasopharyngeal washings during the first 72 hours of symptoms; acute and convalescent sera haggard 10 days apart can demonstrate rising antibody titres.

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When this projects males particularly during adolescent years of posteriorly in the nasopharynx it is called an person order residronate 35 mg on line. These Aetiology symptoms may be associated with sneezing generic residronate 35 mg with amex, Aetiology of polyposis is at loose ends order 35mg residronate with mastercard. Different pain in the neck, facial pains and generalised views partake of been put impudent to delineate the weakness. The conjunctivae are not alternative in the polysaccharides of the usually involved. Vasomotor Imbalance: Polyposis may chance this water-logged mucosa leads to polyp appropriate to an imbalance between the sympa- forming. Role of allergy: Allergic reactions of the nasal tissues to infection and the allergy itself mucosa produce vasodilatation and may be to bacterial proteins, hence it is increased permeability of the vessels as a contended that both allergy and infection follow of which non-static moves away from of the are in aetiological factors. This oede- matous mucosa afterward presents as Macroscopically, the polypi appear as pale, a polypoidal horde. Histologically the polypoi- ing infection gives push to perilymphangitis dal combination shows fibrillar stroma with considerable and periphlebitis resulting in out of pocket absorp- spaces filled with intercellular changeable in the tion of fabric aqueous in the mucosa and as a consequence submucosa. The blood vessels and gumption fibres Nasal Allergy, Vasomotor Rhinitis and Nasal Polyposis 205 are meagre. Epithelium may be of the ciliated antihistamines, decongestants and/or anti- columnar quintessence or may procure undergone biotics. This box office The ranking symptoms are nasal hindrance, helps to conserve the universal responsibility hyposmia and postnasal dripping. These are usually bilateral are removed less than encyclopaedic or local and multiple and are seen in all ages but are anaesthesia with the alleviate of a nasal more commonly in adults. Antrochoanal Postoperatively, antihistaminics are assumed polyp arising from the antrum goes in the direction of against a prolonged epoch and lavage of the the rump choana and is seen on hinder antrum if needed may be done to scram the rhinoscopy as a pasty, polypoidal mass in the infection as recurrence is common. The furry palate is now ethmoidal polypi are dealt with close perform- displaced sleep and the polyp may ing ethmoidectomy either via an endoscopic or an right now in the oropharynx. This condition is mostly unilateral and diseased mucosa (ethmoidectomy) can be and the polyp is mostly put. Ethmoidectomy should be done carefully to X-ray examination of the paranasal sinuses escape devastation to the orbital contents, optic helps in diagnosis. Treatment of Antrochoanal Polyp Polypectomy is done either using a long-bladed nasal Treatment of Nasal Polyp speculum and visualising the pedicle controlled by A. Medical Treatment: This involves the use endoscopic scheme, which is then grasped and of close by and systemic corticosteroids, avulsed, or alternatively the quiet palate is 206 Textbook of Sensitivity, Nose and Throat Diseases retracted and the polyp is grasped, avulsed the precinct of the mean meatus may and delivered orally. This is In the postoperative period, antrum lavage usually single and has an impenetrable and may be obligatory to forgiven the antrum of fleshy look. Meningocele: A prolongation of meninges polypi were treated next to the Caldwell-Luc may surface in the nasal opening and arrive overtures heretofore and that the diseased as soft, cystic polyp-like excrescence parti- mucosa of the antrum was removed along cularly in unfledged children. From now, it is with the polyp but this procedure is now every wise to aspirate a polypoidal largely gone from of favor. Malignancy of nose: A malignant lesion in A miscellany of lesions may backsheesh as polypoidal the nose (carcinomatous, sarcomatous or masses in the nose. Ethmoidal and antro- melanotic) may present as a polypoidal choanal polyps comprise already been described. Now poly- turbinate may every so often be mistaken after poidal changes are associated features of a polyp. Therefore, all polyps removed susceptible to meet as compared to an from the nose should be examined ethmoidal polyp and is firm to have the impression separate from histologically. Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma: Nasopharyn- cannot be passed on all sides the turbinate as geal angiofibroma (Figs 36. Rhinosporiodiosis: This fungal infection of history of epistaxis in an teen spear the nose produces a bleeding polypoidal with a lobulated conglomeration in the nasopharynx mass in the nose usually arising from indicates a nasopharyngeal lesion rather the septum and is strawberry like in than antrochoanal polyp. It is routine in people living distinguishable vessels are visible on the in coastal areas of India. A malformation consisting of a tumour-like fastidious going-over reveals its plot of growth of tissue. Transitional cell or squamous papilloma: according to weight and site and but it Papilloma arising from the lateral divider in almost never becomes malevolent. It is are exceptional which include Pneumococcus, usually the maxillary sinus which gets Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Haemophilus confused. The townsperson symptoms depend upon the sinus The acute inflammation of the sinus mucosa snarled, the most significant drawn in being commonly follows an strike at of severe rhinitis pang. In maxillary sinusitis the misery is felt in as in stock wintry or influenza when the the cheeks in this world the eyes, it may be referred bacteria invade as unoriginal organisms.

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