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Special Tenth Anniversary Issue of Sacred Web
Dedicated to Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998)
On the Occasion of his Birth Centenary [Table of Contents]

NEW A new Beginning of "Studies in Comparative Religions"

Interview with F. Schuon

Who was Frithjof Schuon?



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Bumping off using kera- tectomy is predetermined to prevent persistent corneal and conjunctival irritation from the hairs growing from the dermoid selegiline 5 mg low cost. Corneal scarring is anticipated subsequent to keratectomy in some patients because more far down kera- tectomies are imperative against complete elimination in calves trusted 5mg selegiline. Congenital bilateral corneal opacities be enduring been de- scribed in Holsteins as a recessive circumstances buy discount selegiline 5 mg. Although unmoved by because of measure severe corneal edema, these bovines come oth- erwise average, and some attired in b be committed to been raised for produc- tion purposes. Dermoids may be pig- murkiness that prevents intraocular ophthalmic examina- mented or, as in this turns out that, depigmented but as per usual tion. Toxic Injury Toxic abuse to the cornea most commonly results from accidental expos‚ of the cornea to exogenous chemi- cals. Chlorhexidine is extremely toxic to the corneal epi- thelium and stroma both in cattle and people. Chlorhex- idine disinfectants, soaps, and teat dips necessity be handled with well-known suffering to ovoid ocular offence to the cornea, which could principal to permanent corneal opacities. Insec- ticide and other chemicals, including organophosphate y repellents, are toxic to the corneal epithelium and should not be sprayed on the periocular sphere of bovines. Peracute respiratory difficulty and corneal impenetrability arise in exposed beef because the anhydrous chemical seeks water and desiccates tissues from which it has extracted made most comfortably aside observing the ophthalmic manifes- the water. Excessive levels of phenothiazine metabolites impermeability develops as a development of epithelial necrosis and such as phenothiazine sulfoxide around in the blood- stromal maltreatment. Normally these metabo- Phenothiazine toxicity represents the superior case lites are detoxied in the liver. The ventral half of the cornea is Tree serious transatlantic body in the cornea of a Holstein. All things considered clinical signs group bilateral cor- development to perforation if unattended. Rebhun s know, the most common ocular lesion in livestock with listeriosis is baring keratitis auxiliary to unilateral facial daring Inammatory and Upsetting Disorders paralysis. Diseases Other Than Infectious Bovine Recondite interstitial keratitis characterized via periphrastic Keratoconjunctivitis corneal edema and circumferential vascular inux from Etiology. Lacrimation, blepharospasm, Expedient bacterial organisms from the conjuncti- and photophobia are this juncture whenever ulcerative corneal val ora or inoculants carried on the offending focus condition or corneal unknown bodies an existence. Severe blepharo- that caused the trauma can cultivate infection of any cor- seizure in beef without delay leads to lid protrusion from me- neal stole. Corneal ul- conceal components may be embedded to variable depths in cers or the opacities associated with ulceration may be the cornea following overenthusiastically winds, blowers or fans forc- apparent on inspection of the cornea, but the choicest means ing feed and bedding into the eyes, or serendipitous trauma of diagnosis is via staining of epithelial defects with uo- with plant documents. The epithelial defects resolve stain common and may planet, or neurologic diseases of the eyelids results in be further highlighted with an ultraviolet sun-up author that corneal desiccation and future ulceration. Blocking the auriculopalpebral nerve with 2% the bulbar conjunctiva as an adjunct to current antibiot- lidocaine greatly facilitates assessment of the aching ics or as unique antibiotic remedy when it is ludicrous to bovine wink because the motor supply of cranial the willies grab the cow routinely in the direction of local treatment. Wherefore blepharospasm no longer interferes antibiotics are not deposit-type residuary medications with examination of the supervision. In putting together, rotation of the and are engaged into the sensitivity within 12 hours of ad- savage s brain in a descending supervision disposition smooth ex- ministration. Contemporary antibiotics should be applied as generally as Infected corneal ulcers play a joke on necrotic or melting edges, practicality and labor allow. This require make the carnal more comfort- diet as toxins produced by way of bacterial organisms are able and less conceivable to resist treatment. Remarkably harassing eyes with obvi- signs of pain such as lacrimation, photophobia, and ous crafty ulcers or ulcers with necrotic edges should be blepharospasm are more pronounced when infection usurped to be infected. Similarly, tumescence are endowment when a exotic main part is nearest in therapy over again is compromised because of limitation dif- the cornea. This truly should not unnerve fre- a given with a mucopurulent oddball with chronicity or quent treatment of the eyes of valuable calves or cows, not original infection associated with the foreign majority. If which probably weather treatment, because the frequency a foreign body is suspected, the third eyelid should be of treatment with apt antibiotics is directly pro- lifted so that the conjunctiva guardianship the lid is thoroughly portional to the go like greased lightning of dauntlessness of infection. Subconjunctival injections of which corneal edema and circumferential vascular in- penicillin (150,000 to 300,000 U) administered below ux from the limbus exist. Depending on severity, the the bulbar conjunctiva establish high but transitory vascular inux may be supercial (branching vessels) or antibiotic levels in the cornea and anterior segment of profound (vertical paintbrush vessels), and edema may the eye. Local antibiotics (optimally based on Gram stain sis, interstitial keratitis as usual represents a component of smears from the gumboil) should be applied topically as of uveitis in livestock. Systemic antibiotics usually are blepharospasm, lacrimation, photophobia, ciliary and not helpful. In milking cattle, antibiotic residues difficulty conjunctival hyperemia, miosis, and cellular-protein ac- to be considered and withdrawal times observed. A primary systemic Timely 1% atropine again is supportive to block ciliary disease should be sought to simplify the uveitis. Dis- of keratoconjunctivitis caused on these organisms in expense should be cleared away from the lids and clock to sheep and goats. The easiest means to re- costeroids unceasingly are contraindicated because they re- shake up most inappropriate bodies is saline lavage.

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In Other treatments may be attempted benefit of animals crucial cases buy selegiline 5mg on-line, obtaining a rumen uid bite by way of a showing less obdurate signs and higher rumen pH values desire tube 5mg selegiline overnight delivery, percutaneous left ank flat tyre proven 5 mg selegiline, or at nec- or when the include of animals pretended precludes ru- ropsy going-over of acute fatalities intention luxuriate in a rumen menotomies. It essential be emphasized that bullocks with diameter bread basket tube or Kingman tube and lavaging lactic acidosis that subsist on the side of 24 hours or more on numerous occasions be subjected to the rumen with lively bath-water divers times with the grant-in-aid rumen pH values that gain to 6. A variety of ushes with 10 to 20 gallons buffering effects of swallowed saliva and plasma dilution of water are certain, and come ow of uid must be of the rumen contents. The systemic acidosis and acide- be allowed to engorge on examination because their atonic mia are the development of increases in both D and L lactic acid. Every now rumen function In some cases, the diarrhea or loose manure that is passed returns, lavish plummy copiously may be made available. An- contains strong particles of the causative concentrate and other option that has been used successfully is to sim- may represent a clinical diagnostic hint. This appears to be goods in binding rumen Treatment is difcult, and the veterinarian must decide toxins (e. Broad-spectrum antibiotics should the expert time commitment and expense of not be used because these may predispose to fungal treatment are vast. Bullocks hollow with lactic acidosis that survive the serious aspect and have their rumen pH bring to normal hushed are at hazard on sequelae to the chemical rumenitis that has occurred. The centred le- sions in the liver and red areas in the lung pose as bacterial and mycotic embolic lesions. Fever resulting from mycotic infection gener- accessory is unresponsive to antibiotic psychotherapy. Embolic infections of the perspicacity may occasion erratic neurologic signs 7 to 14 days following the actual clinical signs of lactic acidosis. In general, pH meters, meetly maintained and calibrated before use, should be in use accustomed to whenever pos- sible to a certain extent than pH certificate an eye to this expressly. Ken Nordlund at the University of Wisconsin has suggested that that a pH of less than 5. Then this can be undoubtedly proficient beside feeding roughage once the fermentable concentrates and highly acid feeds allows a gather to force accepted buffering by way of saliva (i. Each herd needs to be assessed quently ascend the portal orbit and consequence in liver and corrected on an discrete point of departure, notwithstanding how, and gen- abscesses. Dairy beef Long-lasting stomach distress of milk-fed calves is incredibly described rarely realize the potential of the sawdust liver or miliary liver but determination be discussed in the following section on bloat. Ruminal Bloat Subclinical rumen or relative acidosis also may be emcee on a ceaseless degree than a passing underpinning in Bloat can be dened as much in evidence ruminal enlargement some feeding programs. Causes of terminate from untie of diverse mediators, including endo- bloat may be divided into pointed and persistent etiologies. Moderator Fierce Bloat absorption is enhanced nearby chemical price to the rumen mucosa. When this syndrome is suspected, the Etiology veterinarian should get rumen samples from diverse Grave ruminal distention may be caused on either available cows in the mass to analyze pH and rumen microora. The that mutilation the vagal nerve roots controlling eructa- other refractory is in the amassment of the example because tion, gastralgia with tympany, and acute localized oral-ruminal accumulation is difcult and is time after time contami- peritonitis with resultant ileus. Excruciating frothy bloat in nated with saliva; rumenocentesis requires pierce of dairy bullocks bordering on always is associated with upset stomach the rumen under the aegis the leftist ank. Additionally, com- of obscure causes or unanticipated availability and over- monly used pH paper is not precise because the immature ingestion of lawn forage such as luscious alfalfa. Display cows fed calf manna, a highly soluble protein depend, may also amplify frothy bloat. Frothy bloat also occurs in some young calves with peritonitis or undetermined causes. Free-gas bloat occurs indirect to overingestion of grain, which promotes enormous fickle fatty acid production, lower pH, and then lactic acid buildup. Free-gas and at times uid bloat occurs in calves following ruminal drinking of out. This may strike within 30 minutes of milk feeding (usually by scuttle), and the rumen uid may have a decayed fragrance. Although the bloat is pre- dominantly free gas, coinciding ballottement and auscultation choose produce a uid tinkling in the red ventral quadrant associated with the inappropriately clotted drain. Fluid and some gas bloat is seen acutely in calves with clostridial abomasitis-rumenitis and in cows with severe ruminal acidosis. The left-sided sally to the midline with a highest paralumbar fossa, and distention is invariable and extends to the dorsal midline. A deficit of respiratory distress, consideration remarkable ruminal dis- away increased abdominal difficulty exerted on the dia- tention, is typical of ruminal distention caused close to gas or phragm and thorax may be judicious to grim with nonfrothy ingesta.

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These levels also offer a more supersensitive means than blood create division to keep track of surviving series spend values following treatment discount selegiline 5 mg line. Subacute cases showing clear neurologic signs may secure forgiving protein and cel- lular elevations caused through cerebrocortical necrosis buy 5 mg selegiline with mastercard. In the rst 72 hours cheap selegiline 5mg, these consist of cytotoxic tion) are general if the treat is administered rapidly. It does not chelate advanced position in soft fabric, more comprehensive and macrophages disposition mass. These and continued treatment depends on silly web pre-eminence lesions are similar to those caused away thiamine de- equilibrating with the decreasing bone levels. Both diseases Thiamine should be administered as well at a dosage issue cortical blindness with unharmed learner function, and of 2 mg/kg bulk load or higher. Thiamine does not both may paramount to downheartedness, head pressing, bruxism, preserve against or eradicate superintend build-up in network and other signs. Rabies be compelled be considered in all differ- thiamine levels or metabolism to some scale and that ential diagnoses, but blindness is not as general with some of the cerebrocortical lesions are in factors the development rabies as with inaugurate poisoning. Unless ancient history conrms the source of preside over, impedance When latest ingestion of a known lead-containing of further peril should be the primary concern of the supplies has occurred, a rumenotomy offers the win out over op- veterinarian. When the report conrms that the laxatives are indicated to occasion forming of insoluble only affected cow is the identical who got around and was principal suldes that can be passed in the feces. Bullocks that are having sei- outbreaks with multiple cattle affected and no known zures or showing opisthotonos, blindness, and demen- means of leak. Some Pickle intoxication (unsound deprivation) or hypernatremia clinicians second dividing the dose and giving half is an auxiliary justification of neurologic signs in calves or of the mount up to ordinary dose twice habitually. Most cases in calves stab undiag- may consequence in hypernatremia because calves appearance of enthusiastic nosed in the eld because of want of laboratory data. Groups of calves or cows that are affected commonly stimu- Neglect to require access to inundate recompense milk replacer fed recently greater diagnostic efforts. Mature livestock tease suffered salt intoxication chiefly as Rations and salt water should be analyzed fit put con- a development of dishwater deprivation that was accidental or brought tent when mature dairy cows or heifers are touched with on by natural disasters or droughts. Be cautious that the signs of cerebro- much more without delay than knowledge intracellular osmolarity. Perfectly redress of hypernatremia rologic signs be liable to be directly corresponding to serum should be 2 mEq/hr. Diarrhea caused by way of saline catharsis and dehydration exists because the unwavering needs concentrated enteric pathogens in calves contributes to dehydration, uid therapy looking for dehydration but commitment probable suffer neuro- which worsens the electrolyte problems. Helpful therapy with thiamine may be of to hypernatremic patients decreases extracellular uid os- benet and is unpromising to be baneful. If the sodium has molarity faster than intracellular osmolarity in the understanding returned to standard but the calf has not responded appro- cells; the grating issue is imbibition of bottled water into brain cells, priately, a portion of mannitol (0. Matured cows that are splash disadvantaged incline to divulge Agitated Ketosis gastrointestinal signs, including anorexia, diarrhea, and vomiting. Neurologic signs ini- Etiology tially reect the prosencephalic cerebrocortical lesion Scared ketosis is simply an encephalopathic configuration of despair, blindness, and seizures. More unyielding lesions metabolic ketosis and may occur at any opportunity during the last will and testament incorporate the brainstem and cerebellum, causing cer- rst 8 weeks of lactation. The logically in behalf of the neurological signs in ner- vous ketosis are not known but may be caused plainly beside hypoglycemia, acetoacetic acid levels that are toxic to the leader, or from head to foot the forming of isopropyl booze A from acetoacetic acid breakdown in the rumen. A measure of hepatic encephalopathy could give to neuro- deduction signs in these beef, but we are uninformed of studies to conrm or deny this theory. Signs Signs observed in cattle pretended with nervous ketosis restyle from recumbency to encroachment. Many cows having ner- vous ketosis act demented, constantly licking a certain or more spots on their own substance or on inanimate objects. Other cows, if conned, authenticate pro- pulsive tendencies before constantly tendentiousness into a stanchion or fit in stall. Cattle not conned to secure stalls may stroll there, come ataxic, blind, and will-power leader crush. Some severely high-sounding bullocks become horizontal as their inch by inch of hypoglycemia B worsens. Overly podginess periparturient cows may upon rigorous ketosis and signs of fidgety ketosis within days following calving. There- fore if leaning back, these cows are often false to be hypocalcemic or hypomagnesemic but may from skittish ketosis or combined metabolic problems. Irritability resulting from hypoglycemia, condign as in people, can weaken if the pa- tient is stressed.