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Frithjof Schuon"Inasmuch as he is the guide of the personal way of the disciple, always within the general way laid down by the Divine authority through tradition, the spiritual master becomes in a certain sense a continuation of the ego of the disciple. Every spiritual alchemy involves an anticipated death and consequently also certain losses of equilibrium, or periods of obscuration, in which the disciple is not fully master of himself; he is no longer completely of this world, nor yet of the other, and his experience seems to call in question all the existential categories of which we are so to speak woven. In these 'trials' and in the 'temptations' which accompany them, (...) the spiritual master plays the role of  'motionless center'." 
Logic and Transcendence 
(London: Perennial Books, 1975) p.220.


"A master whose spiritual outlook is limited by a particular formal or traditional framework is not a complete master (although a true master may in practice be unfamiliar with traditions other than his own); and a master who rejects all forms is a false master (although a true master may reduce
traditional form to its essential elements, and he surely will)."

Titus Burckhardt


" 'Ishvaro GururAtmeti,'
God, the Master and the Self
are identical."

Shri Ramana Maharshi



Someone said to the Maharshi: thou art full of illusion -
Thou art no master. The Maharshi laughed and said:
If there were no false masters in the world,
False disciples would not have their teachers.

The German Poems of Frithjof Schuon

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