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A Friend of North American Indians


Frithjof Schuon, Indians"A fascinating combination of combative and stoical heroism with a priestly bearing conferred on the Indian of the Plains and Forest a sort of majesty at once aquiline and solar; hence the powerfully original and irreplaceable beauty that is associated with the red man and contributes to his prestige as a warrior and as a martyr."

Lights on the Ancient Worlds 
(World Wisdom Books, 1984) p.83


Indian shield



Let us see, is this real,
Let us see, is this real,

This life I am living?

You, Spirits, who dwell everywhere,

Let us see, is this real,

This life I am living?



Indian skin (Feather sun and Pipe)The Feathered Sun: 
A Metaphysical Message

Everything stems from the Center and the Center is present everywhere; and still, the Center lies beyond all the circles through which It radiates.

The Great Spirit is both transcendent and immanent to all that comes from Him. The radii evokes His immanence while the concentric circles suggests His transcendence.

See also this link: "His Holiness the Jagadguru and the Red Indian" by Frithjof Schuon