Several Articles on Frithjof Schuon
in Sacred Web, Volume 8

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Editorial: Reclaiming the Center
by M. Ali Lakhani (Publisher and Editor of Sacred Web)
How is authentic Islam to be distinguished from the horrible acts committed in its name? This Editorial traces the tragic course of decentered Islam, explores the origins of resentment that have shaped modem Muslim societies, and the tensions between fundamentalism, tradition and modernity that lie at the heart of the events of September 11th and their aftermath.

Frithjof Schuon: Providence without Paradox
by Michael Fitzgerald
A friend of the celebrated metaphysician, the late Frithjof Schuon, responds to Patrick Ringgenberg’s criticisms of Schuon in Sacred Web 7,
arguing that there is no inconsistency between Schuon’s personality and his message.

Frithjof Schuon: Memories and Anecdotes
by Catherine Schuon
Catherine Schuon, wife of the late Frithjof Schuon, provides some recollections of her 50 years with her husband. Her intimate reminiscences of this teacher, who taught and embodied the “greatness” which “is the necessary condition for the return to God, indirectly responds to his critics by a portrayal that both humanizes and ennobles Its subject.

The Illumination of Frithjof Schuon
by Scott Korn
This article takes issue with the conservative perennialist perspective that faults Schuon’s apparent syncretism, arguing instead for the liberal perspective that values principled syncretism as a necessary component of religious pluralism.

Concerning Religious Forms
by Timothy Scott
Religious forms partake of the mystery of both the Absolute and the Infinite. This survey of the nature of religious forms examines the contours of this mystery, and concludes with a note on Ringgenberg’s recent evaluation of Schuon in Sacred Web... etc.


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